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 Content is king - the term is often heard in discussions about content online. And that's true. Content is the most important part of your search engine optimisationA good content always has your target audience in focus and they always fill a function and value - whether it's inspiration, information or entertainment.

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Writing texts for the web

Texts are one of the most important parts of your website, so you can perform well in the search engines and help your target audience take the next step in their purchase. But we have all seen examples of bad text that are not written with the visitor and the target audience in focus. What should you think about writing good texts for your site, texts that both your visitors and the search engines like?

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Correct Headline Structure

Headlines are among the most important parts of your text. Readers use headings to get an understanding of what the text will be about and many foam reader to find just the pieces that answer their questions. Following a correct header structure may not directly affect your ranking, but it will give your visitors a better user experience.

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Making texts readable on the web

Once you have written a good text with a value for your visitors, you must also present it in a way that makes it easy to read and take care of. It's even harder to keep the reader's attention on the web, when Facebook and other social media are a new tab. Our UX experts recommend how to structure your text on the website to make it extra readable.

How to Optimise Read only Text on website

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Optimise your photos

Images and other multitool elements are also content on your site. But images also need to be optimised, although Google has become much better at understanding images, the search engine is far from perfect and you need to help it a bit. But it's not just for Google that you need to optimize your photos. Many websites have upload speed issues because their images have a larger file size than needed.

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