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External Linking

External linking refers to links to your site from other sites on the web. When someone else links to you, you get an external link.


External login - the value of links

Simply described, you can say that search engines see your external links as voices on your site. A link from someone means someone thinks your site is good. Many links mean that many people like your site. External logging is therefore a fairly large ranking factor and the amount and, above all, the quality of links to your site is something that affects most of your search engine rankings.

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Not just the amount that counts

However, it is not just the number of external links that count. Great emphasis is placed on the quality of them. Anyone can easily get thousands of links from various sites on the web, but no one can get even ten really good inboxes.

When the quality of an external link is judged by search engines and, not least, Google , there are many things to look at. Some examples may be:

    • Who links?
    • Has that site been around for several years or just one day?
    • Does it have a high TrustRank and PageRank?
    • How many others does it link to?
    • How many others link to it?
    • What is the linking site about - is the link to you even relevant to that site?
    • Does it link from a hidden underside or from the home page?
    • How is it linked - is it a good link text or just a linked image?
    • Is it even "follow" on the link?

One of SEO Melbourne biggest strengths, in addition to looking at everything mentioned in the SEO school , is that we own, manage, develop and control our entire network for creating external links and, therefore, can respond satisfactorily to all-mentioned questions. It makes us very unique in the industry.

SEO Melbourne loves search engine optimisation and wants the entire web to be contentious, vibrant, full of quality but above all search engine friendly. Feel free to read how we work with search engine optimisation .


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