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An important aspect to be considered in the search engine optimisation work is the choice of words and phrases to work with in order to be seen in the search engines. 

Choosing the right words and phrases is something that should be done early in the optimisation process so that they can be worked into relevant landing pages well before the optimisation work begins.

Keywords optimisation

Keywords - The art of choosing the right one

Choosing the right keywords is often a balance between volume and relevance. Finding the right requires both experience and ability to embrace the customer's habits and thinking. 

Words that are very relevant sometimes have very low volume as they are only known in the industry or even the company. This requires an ability to understand what keywords the potential customers use when they experience a problem where the product or service is the solution.


As a customer of ours, you get both help and support in the process of choosing the right keywords. We help you to develop relevant keywords to work with based on your needs and your customer habits. Words that increase the website's visibility that drives relevant traffic to you.


The daily work of keywords

Once you have identified their keywords, it is easier to develop a strategy for how to work with them. It will be easier for all concerned to work out these words in the page text, code , headlines , page titles , meta-data , content , internal linking and external links helping hand to assert itself in the search engines.


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