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Language Optimisation

One way to relatively easily help your site to better prerequisites for higher rankings is to ensure that the language management on the site is correct. This is because of rankings that are relevant to the language.


Language of the site - What is it about?

Simply described, you can say this: A English site, written in English, will be more prized in the Australian search index on than a Norwegian site written in Norwegian. The Norwegian, on the other hand, will claim better in the Norwegian search index on

In order to really help search engines to understand what language your content is written on and what search index you want to best sue you, it's good to be superfluous with which language your site has. This supernaturality is created using language declarations in the code .


Many languages

If you have translated your site into many different languages, you need a conscious strategy for communicating these different languages ​​to the search engines. There are different ways to go here. 

Some use language-specific country domains, such as domain for the English version, domain for the Finnish version and so on. The advantage of this method is that the domain name itself gives a clue about which language the site is on. You also have the option to manually link them via Google Webmaster Tools to the current language search index.

Many publish all available languages ​​in one domain and then open up some problems and indexing difficulties.


The language of the site is important

Google is very skilled at over time identifying languages ​​and indexing the site correctly, but always gaining help from them as much as possible on the traces. Helping the search engines to better understand better is much to what search engine optimisation is all about. 

Therefore, it should be ensured that subpages also declare which language they are in, especially on domains that collect multiple languages ​​than one or contain languages ​​other than the domain suggests.


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