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Here are some recommended links that can be helpful both when you want to learn more about search engine optimization but even if you are already working on it.

Links - read more about search engine optimisation

There are several sites, tools and forums on the web that are very interesting but unfortunately we can not link to all of them.


Google Webmaster Tools See how Google indexes and looks at your site The World Wide Web Consortium
Standard for Web Code starts here
Google Analytics
Powerful and free statistics tool
 XML Sitemaps
Tool to easily create XML Sitemaps
Google Keyword Tool Check search volume
 SEO Blog
SEO Melbourne Search engine optimization blogs
Google's Search Engine Optimisation Guide
Google's own SEO tips for webmasters
 SEO school from SEO Melbourne
Getupdated's own SEO school
The Official Google Blog
Google Blogs Widely
 Search engine optimization according to Wikipedia
Wikipedia explains search engine optimisation
Google Webmaster Central Blog
Google blogs about food utilities
 Majestic SEO
Tools for External Links and Link Growth
Google Trends
Examine trends on keywords and search phrases
 Header Checker
Does your servers answer correctly HTTP codes?
W3C Validator
Validates your code on your website?
 Open Site Explorer
Check your site's backlinks


Internal link refers to a site's own links to its own sub-pages in the same domain. With internal linking, not only does the human visitor want to find one's pages but also that indexing search engine spiders will find them.


A good internal link

In search engine optimization of a website, the internal link is one of many things you look at and try to strengthen and improve if needed. By having a good and efficient internal link, you create transparency and high visibility for their content in the search engine eyes and it is usually rewarded. The more, for example, Google has to look for to find your important underside, the greater the risk that it is not considered to be particularly important at all. Important content is easily found. By getting content easier to find, it seems more important.


To think of

Some things worth keeping in mind when creating their internal link:

  • Text links
    Use links as often as possible with plain text, as these are the easiest for search engines to see and follow. It's definitely not as search engine optimized to use linked images or icons. It's even worse to use Flash movies for the links or links printed by Javascript.
  • Keyword Strategy Keep
    your keywords in mind when creating your internal link and let landing page keywords be mentioned in anchor texts .
  • Title Attributes
    Do not be afraid to use title attributes on your links. It creates additional relevance, albeit not so much.
  • The red thread
    Always have the site's red thread in focus. Try to get the local link's link texts go hand in hand with other actions on the site. For a higher stringency , there is a common thread in the use of inter-linking with external chaining , page titles , meta data , headings and content .
  • Completion
    A potentially interlinked link may be enhanced by website maps , both visible as hidden in XML.


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