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Meta Description

Meta description is a descriptive text for the current page / bottom page and search engines like this page title want unique information for each unique page / bottom page.

The text is hidden from the eyes of the human visitor but is based on different degrees of indexation and ranking of your website.


Meta description - a selling snippet

Meta description should be between the and tags in the HTML and looks like this:

<META NAME = "DESCRIPTION" CONTENT = "Description Text" />

SEO Meta Description

Where is Meta description shown?

The most common place to see your Meta description is in search engine search results. The text that appears for a search result, called the snippet , is usually the page's Meta description. There are exceptions. If you do not specify a description at all, search engines usually list their own, usually using the content of the page .

Because this text appears in the search results, you usually want to be as informative and selling as possible - all to increase the web seeker's inclination to click on your site in the results.

In addition, it is often a page's meta description that appears along with a link if someone chooses to share a link on a webpage, such as Facebook.


Here's how to write a good description

Here are some things to consider when writing a good description:

  • Unique
    Be sure to have a unique description for each unique page / bottom page.
  • 150 characters
    Try keeping the length around / just under 150 characters, otherwise it may be cut in search results and not shown in full. 
  • Keywords
    Name the current page important words, preferably as early as possible.
  • Relevant and Selling
    Try to formulate you relevant and additionally selling to increase people's willingness to click on your particular page in search results.

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