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Meta Keywords

Since Meta keywords were abused by webmasters around the world, it has been the foundation of search engine placements for several years . You do not need to be awake at night if you missed Meta keywords.

Should you have Meta keywords, that tag should be the mellanoch tags in the HTML code and look like this:


Meta keywords - History

In the past, webmasters were "spammed" with keywords in Meta keywords and you could see common sites that not only had tens or hundreds of listed keywords but also thousands. 

It was also not uncommon for people to enter completely incorrect keywords in Meta keywords and you could often see how plain sites specified words like free , free , sex , xxx , download and the like. It was thought that one would appear in search results with many, many searches and that way could conceal traffic.

This misuse of Meta keywords caused the search engines one by one to look at that tag's content to ultimately ignore it.


Meta keywords - Future

Search engines are changing all the time, just Google says doing about 400 algorithm changes a year, and since no one knows what the search engines will start to look more tomorrow, neither does it know if the tag meta keywords a beautiful day can once again get a value. 

If that happens, Meta keywords will probably mean much less than in the past, and to a much higher extent, it is expected to go hand in hand with the other site's optimisation and stringency .

Because it absolutely does not hurt with some sensible Meta keywords in the code on its site, we usually recommend that you "future assure" and sanctify on that front. We therefore recommend a sensible, sensible and strategic use of Meta keywords.


Our recommendations

If Meta keywords any day go and get value again, it's reasonable to assume that you should use the tag restrictively, sensibly, and hand in hand with the site's other content. Because Meta keywords do not hurt your site, you're losing your full-bodied look, even if search engines revalue the tag. We therefore recommend a use as follows:


Relevant words
Enter the current page's most important words and make sure that the words you enter additionally go back to the other page's content such as page titles , headings, and anchor texts on the internal link pointing to the page. If Meta keywords ever retrieve a value, it is reasonable to assume that it becomes a smaller value as it only takes into account if its content goes hand in hand with the other site's strictness .


Few words
Enter few words like Meta keywords per page, preferably only one and preferably no more than three. If Meta keywords ever regain a value, it is reasonable to assume that search engines are just kidding on tags containing a sensible amount of keywords.


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