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Here you will learn more about page titles and what to think about your page title.


Page titles - A unique title with the right words

Search engines and especially Google premier uniqueness. Unique information per page and bottom page. One of many important places on one side to claim this uniqueness is the title of the page. The page title is not only important for visiting search engine spiders, it also plays a big role in human eyes as it is the first to see in search results. It's the title that becomes the linked text in, for example, Google search results.

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Where is a page title displayed?

The page title is usually displayed in the following places: the clickable link in search engine search results, at the top of the browser window or as the name of the browser file you are using. In addition, it is often the page title that becomes the linked text if you or someone else shares a link on multiple sites, such as Facebook .


Here's how to write a good page title

Here are some things that are good to keep track of the title on a page:

  • Unique
    Be sure to have a unique page title on each unique page / bottom page.


  • 65 characters
    Max 65 characters long. Is it longer risking it being cut in search results. 
  • Keywords
    Set the current page's most important word as early as possible, preferably first.

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