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Search Engine Friendly Addresses

Some tips and things to keep in mind to make your site's more search engine friendly.


Addresses and URLs - some SEO tips

From a search engine perspective, it is important that each unique page / bottom page can only be accessed via a unique address / URL. In cases where it can reach the same page through more addresses than one, you open up the risk of duplicate content ( duplicate content). To ensure that search engines and especially Google only associate an address / URL per unique page, you can use, for example, redirects ( 301 Redirect ) or Canonical URLs (Canonical URLs).

» Google about duplicate content (English)

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Search engine friendly addresses

To help search engines index a site, consider using search engine-friendly addresses. To make an address more search engine friendly, one can think of things like:

  • Make sure it is short and does not contain myriads of directories or variables. 
    Compare, for example: 
  • Use keywords in file names rather than numbers, for example. 
    For example, compare: 

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