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Source Code

Here are some things to think about the source code that creates your site.

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Error-free and validating source code

Search engines and, for example, Google premier web quality and one way to get some points from them is to have search engine friendly source code on their site. A search engine friendly code is free from errors and validates according to W3C , that is, web standard. 
» See if your website validates here

Quickly loaded source code

Since then, for example, Google introduced site performance as a ranking factor, you have additional points to download in a fast-paced source. There are many different ways to get the code faster. For example, you should collect any Javascript and Stylesheets in separate .js and .css files. You can also use methods like GZIP to compress the code.

Additional code enhancements

It is unfortunately quite common to forget that places in the source code can also be a good carrier of relevant information, information that not only raises user-friendliness on the site but can also be used to further claim key keywords . These sites include descriptive captions and title attributes on links.


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