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Sitemap strengthens the internal link

A sitemap, or sitemap as it is called, offers a great opportunity to supplement or strengthen a site's internal link . Hence, another method of communicating to the search engines which sub pages you have and where they are located.


Visible Sitemap

With a visible sitemap, not only search engines show the way to the subpages on the site, but also gives visitors the opportunity to see some sort of summary of one's site - a simple overview of the sub pages - what they are called and how they are found in relation to each other. To see how it looks, please visit our Sitemap  . In order for it to always be available, it is linked at the bottom right of each underside.

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Hidden Sitemap

A hidden sitemap is not as terrible as it may sound - it's not a fuff. Instead, it is a website map formatted in XML format that is "behind" the website - not directly visible to visitors but easy for search engines. For security co-workers, you usually link to it in their robots.txt .

The benefits of this hidden sitemap or sitemap are several. It may contain information about when a current page was last updated, how often it is recommended that search engines return and also prioritize different sub-pages. A link to a page is often presented in a format that looks like this:

<Loc> </ loc>
<Lastmod> 2010-11-16T06: 08: 31 + 00: 00 </ lastmod>
<Changefreq> Weekly </ changefreq>
<Priority> 1:00 </ priority>
</ Url>

Another big advantage of this type of sitemap is that you can register it in Google Webmaster Tools and follow really well how Google is able to index one's site.


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