What does SEO Cost in 2020?

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What does SEO Search Engine Optimisation Cost?

At our SEO agency, we often get the question: What does SEO and search engine optimisation cost?
In this guide, we think that we will go through what different SEO agencies put in for prices on their services. So you know what to expect for price levels when looking for a SEO expert .

The price of search engine optimisation can vary greatly, mainly due to the scope and quality of the work. For smaller companies, it is often about the amount of keywords and search phrases that the SEO agency targets.

As for larger companies, it is often a monthly payment or hourly fee that becomes the factor that best describes the price of SEO.

SEO Cost

Some agencies only focus on keywords, while other agencies review the WHOLE website SEO Elements. EX: structure, ranking, links, content, usability and statistics. Depending on your needs, the price level will also vary. Some charge for a one-off fee / s, while other agencies work on a continuous monthly fee.

We will now go through some different price ranges for search engine optimisation.

Price models for SEO Price

Most SEO agencies offer one of two payment models for SEO: Monthly fee / hourly fee and cost per search phrase. We will now go through each type of cost for SEO in deeper detail and compare for and against.

SEO Price Monthly Fee & Hourly Fee

One of the most common ways to put a price on SEO is through a fixed monthly fee for SEO. This can be anything from $ 250 – $5,000 / month. It depends on the scope and what the SEO agency offers for the type of services and how much is being developed.

The idea of ​​a fixed monthly fee is that there is a continuity in the SEO work that generates a good relationship between company and supplier. Also it creates a good breeding ground for good results. It is a security for the company to count on the SEO price.

This solution is also excellent for companies who want to outsource their digital marketing and thus a holistic solution.

SEO Price – Payment for links / month

An additional payment model that many agencies offer is to pay for links. Links are a technical and behavioural ranking factor that acts as an “authority enhancer” for your website.

Many agencies then offer that you can get “rent” links for a fixed monthly cost. It can be $ 50 / link per month so on.

This is something to look out for because it included in the price of what SEO costs, and in addition it is a rather “ugly” model that lets you in as a customer to use one and the same SEO agency .

The final cost of links per month can vary from a few hundred to several thousand per month. We have met customers who previously paid over $2,000 / month for links. Which is also often of low quality.

SEO Price – Cost per keyword

This is a pricing model for SEO that has become common. It consists of the fact that the price you pay for SEO is correlated to your ranking. It works something like this:
You pay a certain dollar a day as soon as your page ranks in the top 10 on Google.

A warning sign is that agencies often choose to target your company on keywords with very low traffic and difficulty. This means that you can get high ranking, but that do not lead to good results.

This is not a price model for SEO that we at SEO Expert Melbourne recommend.

What must be included in the SEO work?

We have developed a guide that goes through what to consider when choosing an SEO Agency .

But as a rule, the following parts should be included in order for the SEO work to be considered to have high quality:

  • Current analysis of the company’s website
  • Competition analysis of the industry
  • Copywriting of texts
  • Technical optimisation of the page
  • Link strategies & build links
  • Continuous reporting & statistics
  • Advice & SEO Training
  • conversion Tracking

Something you should expect that is NOT always included is web development and graphic development. It is not always either that the company that works with SEO actually offers web development either.

When we talk about extensive SEO development, there is a tendency for the SEO expert to work more as a project manager and direct the company’s efforts towards SEO “Best-Practice”. This will give it an advisory and strategic role. There, there is an advantage if the SEO consultant is knowledgeable in marketing beyond SEO expertise.

SEO is more than technical optimisation! Thus, be prepared that work with SEO in many cases also involves the development of website, graphic profiling and packaging of companies and brands.

A successful SEO project is a combined result of the company’s total digital exposure and packaging.


How much does SEO cost?

If you have come this far, you are so eager to find out: What does SEO cost? So let us summarise our previous reasoning in clear conclusions.

For small companies , SEO costs between $250 and $1000 / month. Expect 3-6 months to get results. Is not a rule but a good tip. Here it is

usually about the SEO expert working with advice, technical optimisation and text adjustments as well as depending on the amount of certain own content for the website.

Many more serious companies tend to stick to a minimum charge to even get results. So do not expect any great results at $ 250 / month.

For medium-sized companies , SEO usually reaches around $1,000 – $ 2,000 / month. Here you can count on what is included for small businesses, but also more solid reporting, strategic reasoning, link strategy, Google Ads advertising.

For large companies , SEO is priced at $2,000 – $5,000 / month. In addition to what included for small and medium-sized companies, the price linked to almost all the digital marketing being outsourced to the agency.

Another aspect that determines the cost of SEO is how difficult it is to rank for the phrase. All keywords on Google have varying degrees of difficulty, and it depends on how well competing pages are optimised for the phrase and the amount of links.

The higher the degree of difficulty, the more work is required for good results. So count on the fact that the SEO cost will be higher with increased difficulty and competition.

The cost of appearing top ten for the search phrase “Casino” had become very high compared to being seen for the phrase “dog candy” which has much lower difficulty.

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