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Black Hat SEO is the kind of search engine optimization that violates Google Webmaster Guidelines. This kind of search engine optimization is only for creating high rankings in search results through unauthorized tricks that most often affect others.

Using Black Hat SEO is something that is definitely not recommended. Here it is about placing in the bulkhead shot of Google. Actually, Black Hat SEO is something that is created as rules for how search engine optimisation is to be implemented. Many of the different ways that search engine optimisation that today is gathered under the name Black Hat was previously very functional. The reason why so much has come to be called Black Hat SEO is that the internet has expanded sharply. This has meant that it has to tighten rules to maintain a high quality.

Black Hat SEO

You can not do this with links and anchor texts

As previously described, anchor texts should be created without keywords to be most effective. This really applies to all links, but will be most important in the field of link building . Here the links should be formed naturally in a text and point to a source with the most relevant information. By today using your primary and secondary keywords in anchor texts, you expose you to great risks of being punished by Google.


Something that is also very important is not to buy their links. For a long time, this is something that Google punishes when discovered. As a result, you are advised not to use Private Blog Networks . By using these, you often also feel that you are in control of your Anchor text design. Because of this you are also at risk of being punished.


The difference between Black Hat SEO and other types of SEO

As there is something called Black Hat SEO and considered dangerous, there will also be a secure method. This is then called White Hat SEO is then the opposite of Black Hat SEO. While Black Hat is in violation of the search engine optimieation rules, White Hat will follow them. In the border country, then Grey Hat finds SEO. This is then a combination of the two other methods. To a great extent this will mean that the use of Grey Hat SEO is also risky. Here, however, there are many clear lines for how dangerous this method is. You who want to be sure that your search engine optimisation follows rules and keeps the measure always using you by White Hat SEO.


Common highly risky methods within Black Hat SEO

The first and foremost belonging to Black Hat SEO is called keyword stuffing. It is then about optimising a website's texts and information with primary and secondary keywords . However, this is something that today is very risky and something that Google has become good at discovering. 

Upon detection of this method within Black Hat SEO, the penalty can be very noticeable and hard. Those who want to be on the safe side regarding keyword stuffing will set between 2.5-3% primary keywords in a text mass. Here, as a rule of thumb, you should never exceed 5%. Google today finds this method very easy. This by controlling the quality and relevance of content can be controlled better than before. Here, readability and relevance will greatly deteriorate in combination with keyword stuffing.


Another very common method within Black Hat SEO is to create web pages with large text masses that are not visible or can be read by the visitor. However, this will be something that Google search engine and its crawlers have become much better at. A website with invisible text will be directly classified as an attempt to search engine optimise using the Black Hat method. 

This will cause everything from a big drop in the search results to blacklisted and unregistered. Now it's not at all that Google is opposed to long text masses, but this is something that is premiered. However, it must be done correctly. Here the texts should be relevant, unique and engaging. This without exceeding the approved keyword content in comparison to the number of words in the text.


The use of PBN is in some cases Black Hat SEO

Something that is also warned a lot for now and which automatically becomes part of Black Hat SEO is PBN . Of course, this does not mean that you will not be able to create blogs and satellite pages that point to a main page. It simply means that you do not create an entire network of these with the sole purpose of raising a main page's positions in search results. These were just three of all the tricks available in Black Hat SEO, and you always make use of White Hat SEO.



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