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SEO GLOSSARY : Citation Flow

Both Citation Flow and Trust Flow are something that has been created by Majestic who has great knowledge in SEO. Citation Flow is a value based on how many backlinks refer to a website and how many different domains these links come from.

There are various sources online that you should rely on when it comes to effective SEO . One of these will definitely be the big giant Majestic. Here, they have created a system that tells you about a website's power regarding Off-Page SEO in terms of what matters with important backlinks. Citation Flow is a trademark created by Majestic which provides a value based on how many backlinks you have on your site. 

The higher your value regarding the citation flow, the better and higher is considered to be ranked in Google's search engine. Now, of course, this will not be the only truth, since it is also about quality and information on your website. However, many will rely on citation flow as a powerful value when assessing a link's linkage.


How Citation Flow works?

To begin with, it should be mentioned that citation flow will only affect what is dedicated to Off-Page SEO. However, today it will be impossible to rely solely on On-Page SEO to bring you to the top in hard competition. For that reason, you will want to optimise your chances for high rankings in search results to know how citation flow works. 


The whole thing will totally focus on backlinks , which means that you devote yourself to what is known as link building. The importance of new metrics such as Domain Authority, Trust flow and citation flow is today very large. This because the pervasive PageRank has been largely eliminated. As a substitute for PageRank, then the three newer metrics have become three of the most important ranking factors in Google's search engine.


These important metrics will also be something that, unlike previous PageRank, is updated every day. This makes you who understand to influence them positively have a better look than your competitors online. Search engine optimisation is thus an endless work, but this way of measuring ranking factors makes the game plan more interesting. Something that everyone must know is that Trust Flow is a value that affects citation flow. If Trust Flow increases, citation flow will also do it. However, there is nothing that says that a decrease in Trust Flow adversely affects citation flow. Citation flow measures a value based on how many links point to a page. This without touching the aspect quality on the different links.


Google's way of seeing links and Citation Flow differs

However, trusting Trust Flow and citation flow as ranking factors will only be something that is not recommended. Here are two measurement values ​​created outside of Google's control. Google will partly see backlinks in a more thorough and advanced way than citation flow does. After all, after all, Google determines the value your website will get in search results.


The major difference between Majesty's citation flow and Google's way of evaluating backlinks is the aspect quality. When you trust the citation flow, you will get a value of backlinks based on the number of links. This without ensuring the quality of these. This means that you who trust too much or only on citation flow risk losing dissavow of useless and harmful links that can lower your value according to Google. However, if you combine Trust Flow and Citation Flow, you will get closer to Google's Off-Page SEO guidelines.

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