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SEO GLOSSARY : No Follow Link

A No-Follow Link is a link that lacks a value for anyone who is link building. This link will therefore lack power and value and will not be read by Google bot. The opposite of this link is Do-Follow, which are the links that provide power when building a link profile.


The difference between No-Follow and Do-Follow links

Within web design and search engine optimisation there are two types of links. These are No-Follow and Do-Follow. In comparison between each other, they are like day and night, affecting the value of search engine optimization. No-Follow Link is the one who lacks value in SEO. The fact that this link lacks value simply means that robots when crawling disregard them. Here, the one who devotes to Off-Page SEO and link building always want to use Do-Follow. This is instead the kind of link that gives power to the website it points to.


When creating these links, it is only for the use of No-Follow as this has to be written in the website's code. This is then written with the code: rel = "nofollow", which is written directly after the URL that the link points to.


Anchor Text


If this attribute is not inserted in the website's code, the link will automatically become Do-Follow instead.


Particularly relevant to using No-Follow

Having a balance between their links in a link building is important. In some cases, it may be especially important to use No-Follow. For that reason, you will want a natural link profile to balance your backlinks . When comparing different link profiles, it has been found that this balance can actually provide better placements in search results. As a result, many of these reasons have begun implementing link profiles containing No-Follow Links. 


With this help, a more natural flow of links to a main page is created. This means that Google, as the leading search engine, praises those who use this strategy by placing them higher in search results.


Other reasons for No-Follow Links

Examples of other reasons to use No-Follow instead of automatic Do-Follow links may vary depending on what the domain in question wants to achieve. The real reason to use links with the No-Follow attribute will always be the risk of giving away too much link age  . Within this field, there will also be those who think the risks are great with just having Do-Follow links on their domain. This is something that is absolutely not true, but what affects the risks is if the links are not natural.


Otherwise, for various reasons for the use of No-Follow Links, you may have a static website that addresses facts. If this is of the nature, relevant and important facts, of course, you want to have all the power you can get in search results. In that case, you do not give away linking power, as this is not necessary for the number of visitors outweigh the requirements for high search results.


In summary, you will find information that people are already looking for not having to give away linkage through Do-Follow. In comparison, there are those who have unsolicited domains and are more willing to give away linkage. Something that may be good for the balance of a link profile is also to practice what is called link change.


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