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Trust flow is a measurement value that, along with citation flow, gives you a clear indication of whether your Off-Page SEO holds the measure. The measurement value trust flow has been created by Majestic and is a value that controls the quality of your website's backlinks. Our SEO Company prioritise building Trust for your website. so that you can rank higher. 


Today, many new rules and metrics have been added that determine if your website keeps the mat in order to rank high in search engines. When we talk about search engines, it's basically Google that everyone has to correct. Long back there was basically just a value to make in search engine optimisation, which was PageRank . 


Nowadays, this value is of very small importance and three other primary ranking factors have been added. This is then Trust flow and citation flow as well as Domain Authority. These three are currently considered to be the most important ones that will lead to high performance in the Google search engine.


What is Trust flow

Trust flow is a measurement value that controls the quality of all the different backlinks that point to your website. This is then about the part of search engine optimization called Off-Page SEO. Today, link building and backlinks have become very important to place in the top of Google's SERP . 


This has then led to the Trust flow as the measurement value being considered a primary ranking factor. This means that the backlinks you have should be from other pages with a high value regarding Trust flow and citation flow. This leads to the fact that your website also increases in reputation online. Here, then, a high value regarding these two metrics will co-operate with higher placements in search results.


Collaboration between Trust Flow and Citation Flow

Both of these metrics are trademarks created by Majestic who are highly reputed in the SEO industry. The interaction between these values ​​is that both should be as high as possible. While Trust flow checks the quality of your backlinks, citation flow is the metric that increases as the number of backlinks pointing to your website. 


Here Trustflow is a value that you can always count on. The citation flow on the other hand will not be fully reliable. This simply builds on that value counts all backlinks, which many times include junk links and dangerous links. When you are the one who wants the highest possible Trust flow, you will be the one who removes all these backlinks from your link profile.


Then you remove harmful links and get higher Trust flow

You who really keep track of your backlinks work with what is called link building . In that case, the Trustflow measurement will be a good guide. Here you will be able to identify which backlinks are good and which ones you really do not want. As for those you do not want, you will be able to use Google's Dissavow tool. 


There you will be able to configure Google as a search engine to ignore the bad and harmful links. This will instantly give you a higher Trust Flow and in the long term, take you higher in search results.


Other factors that may affect the Trust flow

Now everyone says that Trust flow is a measurement value that only refers to links and Off-Page SEO. Of course, this is because there are clear signs of it. Something that may also have less relation to the value the links may have is the anchor text in these. As many say, they should not contain the keywords, but still relevant to the text they point to. 


In that case, it may be very good to keep in mind that content on a website that relates to a backlink is important. This can be something that indirectly raises a value of a good link profile.


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