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What is
Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the process to improve the ranking of content on the site.Most web sites contain large numbers of technical errors. But, errors make it difficult for Google ranking.

Technical SEO is a must in every SEO campaign. Working with good content is not enough. It’s not just about correcting technical errors but building a scalable technical solution. Technical SEO is one of the important parts of our SEO offering.

We follow a solid approach for Technical site Audits and optimisation. We helped 240 Businesses to grow their rankings in Google. Work with the Trusted and Expert SEO Agency to stay on top of Google SERP.


Technical SEO

Your site technical issues are a threat to rankings

Do you have a Very good website? Well written content? Best user interaction? But they can’t boost your rankings. Your site may have technical issues and holding down your rankings.
For better rankings, you need perfect technical SEO. We are specialists in Technical SEO. Our SEO Agency can boost your rankings within a short time.

Do you know?

Google considers 80+ technical factors to rank your site. Do you know how well is your site optimised?

Know your SEO Score!

    Who needs Technical SEO?

    If any of the below relates to you then you need Technical search engine optimisation.

    • Want international SEO.
    • Improve page speed (load time).
    • Fixing bugs
    • Optimise navigation on an e-commerce site.
    • Automate content
    • Need a responsive website (mobile customisation).
    • Apply schedule markup.
    • Solve duplication problems and implement canonicals.
    • Use Javascript without compromising ranking.
    • Implement PWA (progressive web applications).
    • Using AMP (accelerated mobile pages).

    Technical SEO, is mostly your on page SEO. Identifying & Fixing Technical elements on your webpage is simply Technical SEO.

    Technical SEO Melbourne
    Technical SEO issues

    Technical Search Engine Optimisation Issues

    Technical SEO is difficult. It is usually not enough to use standardised systems, such as Semrush, and find some errors here and there. To succeed with technical SEO, three things are required:

    1. Understanding the target audience and their search behaviours
    2. Understanding how web technology interacts with Google
    3. Process for conducting technical cases.

    There are different sorts of technical issues. Everything needs a fixed to gain top rankings. Small technical errors often SMASH large SEO projects.

    Sometimes fixing the technical issues can break other functionalities of your website. Most technology departments in Australia have poor Q&A processes. i.e processes to ensure that nothing breaks when implementing technical improvements.

    This is why many business executives do not believe in technical SEO. They want to work with content. They have made bad experiences, and they draw incorrect conclusions from this.

    How do SEO Experts work with Technical SEO?

    Technical planning & screening (SEO audit)

    We analyse and understand what your users need & Identify issues. We then create "cases" for the measures that need to be implemented.
    We prefer to create them within the customer's project support system, eg. Jira or Trello. We use specific templates in Google Docs to document the cases. Whereupon the customer himself submits the cases in his project support system.
    Then we go through all the matters with those who will make the technical improvements. It can be the internal technical team or a web agency. We also produce estimated resource use, priorities, and time planning.

    Implementation of technical improvements

    In this phase, we do the technical improvements to the project according to the timetable that was developed in the previous phase.
    The most common way we work on improvements is an iterative, cyclical, workflow. It can look like this:

    1. We hold a project meeting. We go through planned tasks and create enough insights for better output.
    2. We do the changes and conduct a review.
    3. Release changes to the production environment.
    4. We ensure that the changes are correct in the development environment and check that nothing else has broken
    5. Making technical changes live.
    6. Our experts check the changes on the website and checks that nothing else has broken.

    If you are interested in our process for technical search engine optimisation, you are welcome to contact us.

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