Keyword Research

Do you know - Perfect Keyword research counts as 50% SEO success. Our Experts analyse and hand pick money generating keywords for you.

Keyword Research
Keyword analysis is the very foundation of search engine optimisation . What is it? Well, the purpose of an SEO campaign is to gain top rankings for certain Keywords. We Analyse your niche & Market, Your website content And your unique selling points then define profitable keywords for your business.

Why is keyword analysis important?

Keyword analysis used on several occasions in an SEO project. Here are some examples:

  1. Web site structure is important in SEO. In order to create a structure, you need to find out all the important Keywords in the current segment. Based on the Keywords your web site structure can be optimised.
  2. Keyword analysis is the basis for how the content should be structured and what questions it needs to answer. Keyword analysis makes it easier for a writer to create an article or landing page that performs well in the search engine.
  3. The economics of an SEO project are important. The economic benefit is often calculated by how many keywords are considered relevant and how large their search volume is in Google.
  4. Title and Description are important content elements. In order to create effective Title and Description you need to determine a primary and some secondary keywords. You also need to keep track of useful keywords like "cheap", "good" or other words used by the target group when searching for your service or product.
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How do we do a keyword analysis?

SEO is about implementation. The information created must be easy to link to a document, an action. That's why we always create our keyword analyses around URLs and specify which keywords each URL should rank for.
This makes it easier for you as a customer to set up activities based on the information. For example, creating a well-structured article so that it strengthens the page's SEO for the right keywords.

It is also important to include all keywords that a URL needs to rank on. For each important keyword, there are other words related to this and thus need to included in the content.

Here's an example of a keyword analysis. The data is for a travel company that sells travel, and the common thing about the words is that they intended for a specific URL.


Increase in online transactions


Revenue increase


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in mobile traffic

Do you need a keyword analysis?

You need to perform a keyword analysis if you recognise one of the following:

  • I don't know what is relevant to us in Google.
  • What should the structure of our site look like?
  • What content is relevant to our site?
  • How do we improve the content of our site?
  • How do we improve conversion on our landing pages or category pages?
  • When should we create a regular article and when should we create a landing page that converts very well?
  • You want to lower your costs for Adwords by building a better site structure and creating articles and landing pages.
  • You want to get traffic from Google that strengthens your brand and creates new relationships.

Who needs a keyword Research?

Several different roles within a company may need careful and concise keyword analysis:

  • Marketing managers - when they want to understand more about users or know the value of search engine optimisation
  • Technology Managers - When creating a site structure or template for a particular page type, for example, for category pages
  • Writers - when creating content for articles or landing pages
  • CEOs - when deciding on an SEO project . The information obtained by doing a keyword analysis.

If you are going to create content that should rank well in Google, you need to do a thorough analysis. It is not only important to define which keywords to rank for, but also related keywords. Google has a holistic view of what's relevant and not. If you exclude certain keywords, you simply become less relevant.

Who need Keyword Research

When to do a keyword Research?

A keyword analysis is basically needed on four occasions:

  • When you want to learn more about your users
  • When you want to know the value of SEO and what potential business benefits it has for you
  • When to create a site structure for your website
  • When you want to produce content, e.g. for an article or landing page.

For example, a keyword research needed to create a structure for your entire web page or for a folder. This structure is important for it to be right. Partly for Google to understand that you are an authority on the subject. Different searches also need to be structured at different levels.

Who need Keyword Research

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