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We have many years of experience and cutting-edge expertise in Facebook advertising. Everything from branding of brands effectively, to increasing conversions for your services and products.

Finding the right target groups to drive relevant customer-driven traffic to the customer and streamlining existing traffic to fast conversion is what we are passionate about!

Facebook Ads

Our Digital agency handles everything - individually tailored content, programming, management and monitoring.

Our specialists handle from planning to the execution

We help you to create a clear strategy, from planning to executing the startup (according to your campaign plan). With our ongoing work over time to streamline click costs and spread leading to more conversions, you become even more profitable.

How do we do Facebook advertising?

Campaigns on Facebook can be directed to your existing site visitors (retargeting) and can also direct new relevant traffic to your site, by setting parameters that define the typical customer.

We analyse the behaviour, demographics, interests and other important factors of your existing customers such as the type of unit that converts the most. By extension, we are continuously advancing and optimising the campaigns by creating segments with different budgets, which will increase the campaigns and provide higher ROI (Return Of Investment).



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Increase your online presence by choosing Facebook advertising services. 

Dynamic retargeting DPA - for your e-commerce

DPA stands for dynamic product advertising and is the most profitable form of retargeting. Here, the goal is to reach the previous visitor of specific products in your e-commerce with an ad that is generated with the previously visited products.

This becomes possible after installing a tracking pixel on the site that tracks your visitors and collects them in a retargeting list. A product feed is then generated, which is then linked to the pixel in Facebook Business Manager.

This method is very profitable and can also be set up so that a DPA for Instagram can be created.

DPA is far more advanced than many people think. You can customise a template with graphic elements, log over image or, for example, display red price for discounted goods. Most often, an ad is created for those who have seen the products with an encouraging text to visit the product again. An even more conversion-rich ad is the one that is aimed at those who previously placed a product in the customer basket but have not yet completed their purchase. DPA is cheap and gives a good ROI and is the obvious choice if you run e-commerce.

Facebook Ads Melbourne
Facebook Remarketing

Facebook retargeting

This method works for all companies, whether you want to reach end consumer (B2C) or business (B2B). The goal here is to target the marketing to previous visitors. Here, too, a Facebook pixel installed on the site is needed to capture visitors.

When building a "funnel", retargeting is an obvious part, when it comes to placing the right ad depending on where the visitor is in their buying cycle. In parallel with this, it is also extremely important that you work with different branding ads to appear as much as possible with their USPs when the visitor has already shown interest in you.

There are several different formats for the ads. We usually work with A / B testing these against each other. Usually, a carousel ad is created where the visitor can browse USPs, services, categories or products. At the same time, we create a larger static ad with the same message as well as an ad in a moving version - video ad or animated gif.

Facebook Advertising FAQs

Does Facebook act as a platform for all types of businesses?

The short Answer is YES!

The long answer is YES too! but it is important to know what and why to advertise on Facebook. For example, retargeting always works regardless of the type of industry. B2B or B2C doesn't matter you can do Facebook remarketing.

The only thing is your business or services shouldn't violate Facebook ads policy. Facebook don't encourage businesses such as weapons and certain drugs.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

If you should choose just one method of all, which one?
If you run an e-commerce then the safe card is DPA, dynamic product advertising. 
If you offer services, static retargeting as well as promotional campaigns will work. 
I am a newbie, how do I handle it?
When you are starting up, it can be difficult to achieve results with retargeting as there is not so much existing traffic to your site
It is important that there is a dedicated budget for target group-targeted branding ads, mobile material! Our Experts are here to help no worries. 
What does facebook advertising cost?

Prices are set as there are several external factors that play a major role. Such as industry, competition and materials, etc.
But we have customers who pay anywhere from $100 to @3000 on a monthly basis.

We start with a free needs analysis and a telephone meeting to set the right estimate for your company.

Is it long bonding time?

We believe that a good relationship is the long-term agreement between us! So, we have no complicated agreements or boring binding times.

We only have three months of binding time at the start of each project, because we need a few months to collect data and do A / B tests to find a well-functioning long-term strategy.

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