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What if you could get more new customers without having to pay for expensive ads? You can, with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for e-commerce ! How, you wonder? Well, according to a recent survey, organic search results generate 8.5 times more clicks than paid ads!

eCommerce SEO

Every day, about 50-70 million searches are made in Google. About 20% of them are searches where Google users have the money in hand, ready to spend. Are you interested to reach these 20% serious buyers? 

If you have a large product database in your e-commerce, you are a good candidate for doing successful e-commerce SEO. 



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eCommerce Spreading Faster 

It is very clear that the transition from physical store to e-commerce is going somewhat faster now that society is heavily influenced by the spread of the corona virus. Are you prepared for this transition? 

Do you sell products? Then we can help. We can also design, develop a eCommerce store for you too. Well, we are the Top eCommerce SEO Agency too. Together we can improve your online sales.


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Our eCommerce Strategy & Process

Keyword Analysis On-page SEO User Experience Mobile Optimisation Content Link building

Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis for e-commerce

keyword analysis is a very important part of the process.

There are many ways to handle keyword analysis:

Quick & detail keyword analysis

The concept here is to find the search terms your page needs to ranks for. We do a detail Keyword research about all your pages.

Product-specific keywords

We find which keywords are best fir for your product page. Product specific keywords can drive more conversions than generic keywords.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO for e-commerce

On-page SEO is another important factor for eCommerce SEO. Typing lots of keywords into titles and meta descriptions is not enough to rank high. The search engine algorithms rank relevant and engaging content. We analyse your product pages are well-made and show the visitor relevant information.

Unique product descriptions

A common problem among e-commerce stores is that they do not have unique product descriptions. Many eCommerce sites sell the same/similar kinds of products. So the titles & descriptions looks same. To rank you higher in search results, we create unique product descriptions.

meta Descriptions

The meta description is the short text that appears under the title of the search results. It give the visitor a preview of the content of the page. This is a great place to "show the trailer" to the visitors. Our SEO Agency has experts to write the meta descriptions. Improving clicks from google (CTR) is a technical ranking factor.

User-created content

User-created content drives 25% of search traffic for the world's largest brands. User-created content gives you several benefits. On the one hand, they improve your search engine results also lead to strong linking opportunities to your e-commerce site. We analyse and improve this factor.

When it comes to online reviews, 85% of users trust them as much as they rely on personal recommendations. Customer ratings and reviews belong to the best kind of user-created content that helps improve SEO.

User Experience

eCommerce User experience

The user experience very important part in eCommerce SEO. It can often be a decisive factor for customers' choice of store for online shopping.

Let's look at some common problems you may encounter when you have an e-commerce site. possible solutions to these:

Enhance user experience with content

One challenge with having a lot of content is that if there is too much text on a page. It can reduce user-friendliness and divert the visitor's attention away. Some times this may cause cart abandonment.

We have very good user experience analyst who are masters in Interaction design. We can take care of your UX.

Visual content

Using visual content (especially high-quality images) is a great way to showcase your products. You can increase the visitor's engagement if the images can also be zoomed or the products can be rotated in 360 degrees.

If you interested let us know. We will advice how it is achievable to get engaging visual content.

Use video clips

According to Cisco analyses, 82% of all search engine traffic around 2021 will be video content .

You know how the videos dominates the online world. so e-commerce stores can only profit from adding video content to their product pages.

Videos show up on 70% of the top 100 in search results lists. A visitor is 64-85% more likely to buy a product after watching a product video.

If you make your own product videos for your e-commerce store that can help in SEO. We can help optimising videos for product pages. We need to work hand on hand to achieve this. Are you ready?

Mobile Optimisation

eCommerce site Mobile optimisation

Mobiles account for more than half of all internet traffic. lots of users shopping via mobile. So, it is important that your e-commerce site is mobile-adapted. Your mobile visitors get a smooth and engaging experience.

As mobile browsing increases, search engines begin to rank mobile customised sites. Our Agency has expertise in mobile optimisation.

Page speed, page load time

Users are Impatient. Longer page load times often result in the visitor leaving the page before it finish loading. According to a Google report , 47% of visitors expect the page to load in less than two seconds. 40% leave the page before it load if it takes longer than three seconds. This shows that one second difference may cause bounce rate rate. Higher bounce rates result in lower rankings in search engine organic results.

In other words, slow page load effects negative for rankings & sales. IS your site loading slow? We can optimise your page speed.


Content strategy for your e-commerce

Without content, your site will not appear in the search results. Even if you search for the keywords you have defined. Without content you also get no links. ie the links that not only give your site credibility on the search engines, but also give you traffic in the form of referrals.

Content should be the very foundation of the SEO strategy for your ecommerce. According to surveys , the more content you publish each month, you get more from organic searches. This applies to both companies that conduct business in B2B and B2C

Content not only brings more traffic, also more sales and more potential customers. So if you are doing SEO for e-commerce you have to create quality content. It is a great way to rank high for many long-tail keywords.

Our Agency focus on creating content & optimise. We can do the best content optimisation.

Link building

Link building for e-commerce

According to Google, the two main ranking factors are:

  1. Content
  2. Inbound links

The links are very important for:

  • Signalling relevance
  • Creating trust and authority
  • Driving relevant traffic to the site

Our studies on link building says that there is a direct correlation between the total number of incoming links and the organic rank.
Our Agency is creative in Gaining backlinks to your eCommerce site.

Here are some of our link building models.
We have many other link building strategies. We can explain you face to face.

Create linkable content

One of the simplest ways to build high quality links is to create content. With the great quality content you can get links from other directories, Social media.

Review blogs

We submit your products to review blogs to get them to review. It is an excellent and inexpensive way to create a good inbound links from quality sources.

Links from product manufacturers

If you sell branded products, some brands may provide you with a link to your site on the manufacturer's page for "authorised sellers". We check with your manufacturers if they have any such site and if they can add your site there. In this process we may need your help.

Internal links

In fact, getting links to your product pages is not the easiest. That is why internal links are so important for e-commerce SEO. We create content that attracts incoming links. And link internally to your product pages.

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