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Google Shopping Ads

Billions of Google searches every day. Many of them are looking for your product or service! Google search results (SEM) ads help your potential customers see your brand as they search for your product, consider your offers and act.

The Google Search Network is a group of search-related websites and apps where your ads can appear. When you advertise on the Google Search Network, your ad can appear next to search results when someone searches on terms similar to your keywords. This is called advertising on Google Ads (formerly Adwords).

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Shopping ads drive 76% of retail search ad spend and generate 85% of all clicks on Google Ads

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    Who sees the ads from Google Display Ads?

    We work with display advertising in a systematic and targeted way, to help you find the right target group and make it possible to reach your specific target group wherever they are online. We do this through various formats such as text ads, banner ads that can contain images, interactive elements and animations.

    Google Display Ads allows you to customise your ads and target them based on keywords, demographics, and remarketing (past visitors / keywords and phrases used).

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    Use several parts of Google Advertising

    The great thing about Google is that it can be used with good results in all industries. It doesn’t matter if you run a company that offers services or run e-commerce that sells products. However, you should have a well thought out strategy so you use the right methods, not only depending on the industry but actually where your potential customer is in their buying journey. Are they in the interest phase, the inspiration phase or the end phase of their purchase?

    That kind of behaviour and data is something we at Redcarpet love to study, and it’s the details that make the big difference!


    Google facts

    Google Shopping as the first click 83%
    Pay with card 52%
    Mobile users 71%

    3 reasons to choose us for advertising on Google:

    If you have an eCommerce, Google Shopping will usually make a big difference if you haven't advertised there before.

    Offer your potential customers your products faster and clearer, which shortens the conversion steps.

    Reach out to the people who are looking for your specific products. Shopping is both cheap and efficient.

    More about Google Shopping Ads

    An advanced account structure provides benefits

    As the Google Shopping campaign rolls, there are different ways to work with it. The most common thing is to run a campaign focusing on all products.

    However, if you want to get the most out of Google Shopping, it requires working with a more advanced set involving more Shopping campaigns focusing on several different parts. What is mostly overlooked then are mobile searches, segmentation of products that are strong in sales or that deliver high profitability, management of remarketing lists for processing existing traffic, negative keywords and much more.

    In other words, this requires a clear account structure so as not to lose control over how the different keywords should be triggered in the different Shopping campaigns.

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