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The Google Ads (formerly Adwords) is a system created by Google that makes it easy to see potential customers actively searching for what you offer. Here are a lot of powerful tools to help you target relevant audiences.

This can be done using image ads through the Google Display Network, video ads through Youtube, Google Shopping Ads, or search ads through the Google search engine. We are Certified Google ads experts.

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Our Digital agency handles everything - individually tailored content, programming, management and monitoring.

We know Google

What sets the expert apart from the amateur is how quickly results can be achieved. A clear account structure and fingertip feel is required to analyze data and behavior. Google ads are also ranked by various parameters such as budget, CTR (clickthrough rate) or landing page experience. Experience and knowledge play a crucial role here.

At our SEO Agency Melbourne, we are happy to help you understand how Google Ads works to get you started and take the next step toward more profitable advertising.

How Many Google Before Buying? 94%

Mobile users - 63%

Compare with other companies before buying: 92%

Increase your online presence by choosing Google advertising services. 

We ❤️ Google

The great thing about Google Ads is that everything is measurable and you can easily see how profitable your investment is.

It's easy to get started. A campaign is built with ads, relevant audiences or keywords that you want to be found on, and you pay only when someone clicks on your ad. If there is no clear strategy with concrete goals it can be expensive and this is where we comes into the picture.


3 reasons to choose us for advertising on Google:

We know how, where and when to appear!

The right content in the ads!

A driven team that loves Google!

Google Ads FAQs

How do I know if Google Ads is profitable for me?

You can more or less track anything in Google Ads. If you are an e-commerce seller you can track many other things. track transactions and the value of your conversions. If you offer services, you can, for example, track completed forms or telephone calls.

Other service providers, Small, Medium & Large businesses can track their goals like:

  • Contact form submissions
  • Phone calls
  • E book downloads
  • Service signups
  • Quote requests etc.,
What is CTR?

CTR (Click To Rate), also called clickthrough rate, is the parameter that measures how interesting your ads are based on clicks and exposure. Let's say 100 people see your ads and 10 of them click on, then you get 10% in clickthrough rate.

What does it mean to do a keyword analysis?

A keyword analysis is a thorough analysis that is based on finding potential and relevant keywords that will bring you more customers. The analysis is done, among other things. by looking at what competitors are using for keywords as well as finding new keywords, and then studying how much traffic or keywords respectively to be able to assess how difficult it can be to compete on the desired keywords.

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