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We design & Optimise wordpress websites. Free basic SEO with all web sites

Whether you do not have a website before or need a new modern website that focuses on running more businesses, at the same time as it is user-friendly, we are your right partner. What does your website look like? Is it easy to use, fast and manufactured according to all the search engine rules?

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Wordpress SEO

Reach new heights with our SEO services

  • We have 12+ years of experience in Wordpress SEO. We love Wordpress CMS
  • Wordpress is 100% SEIO friendly. Compatible with all Google Ranking factors implementation. 
  • We are currently catering more than 100 Wordpress sites with SEO.
  • Wordpress SEO costs are cheaper than other CMS.
  • We use high-end Wordpress SEO strategy for all small, mid range clients.
Wordpress SEO Melbourne
International SEO Melbourne

Wordpress Web design

Get a website that is the world's most used and probably most developed platform. In addition, Wordpress is built with so-called open source (open source) so the website is fully developable and there is a huge group of talented Wordpress developers - not only in Australia but also around the world.


This makes the Wordpress platform a safe and secure investment in terms of pace of development and survival and the reason for our choice of website platform we build for customers.

We are experts in Wordpress web design & development. Wordpress is compatible for: Ecommerce, Small business, Mid-range business & Large businesses. It can fit into all industries. ex: Hotels, Hospitals, Transport, online shopping, Personal, business, Portfolio & what not everything.


Wordpress Ecommerce Compatibility 


Conversion optimisation 


SEO Compatibility


Mobile Friendly? - YES

High Demand for Wordpress

When a new page is to be built, we always create drafts that the customer can approve. Then we start production, which is always built on a development environment without the influence of the existing one. In this way, anyone and at any time can follow the entire construction process.

It minimises or eliminates any misunderstandings both in terms of design and structure and that the customer can be better involved in the process if desired. Text and image material is provided to us by the customer, which we then implement on your page.

These platforms are developed together with the SEO techniques at High End Media Group to facilitate marketing and optimization towards the search engines.

Our package also includes design proposals and a start-up workshop of the system. When the website is published and the old page is pointed out, it is then completely owned by you as a customer without any subsequent costs. If you want any support, support, maintenance, development and hosting etc. of the website in the future, we will of course also provide this for you for a small annual cost.

Our Agency SEO Process

Our Expertise

Till now we worked with 18 global non-english languages. Our clients are really happy with our services. We worked with:

Countries with worked with / Multilingual SEO:
Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, England, Finland, Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Ukraine, USA and Austria

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Built for the future

Let's create a search engine friendly website with clear Call-to-actions to run more business. Of course, it is also responsive so that your visitors, regardless of device, will have the best experience.

User friendly

UX (User Experience) is among the most important with websites nowadays. Partly because Google rewards it, but also because the visitor can easily navigate the website and find what they are looking for. A well-thought-out and visitor-adapted construction strategy is therefore something we advocate and strongly recommend.

Wordpress SEO Melbourne

Responsive design

Regardless of whether the visitor has found your website via a mobile phone, tablet or computer, they should get the optimal experience of their visit. In addition, we consider it important that all important information should be included and visible in each unit, while less important information can be overlooked on mobiles e.g. For the simple reasons, we always use themes that we have tested before and that we know work on all devices.

Wordpress SEO Melbourne

Prerequisites for good investments

Since our core business is search engine optimisation, we always have it in the back of our minds when we create a new website from scratch.

Google has many rules and guidelines on how a website should work (which is constantly changing). It is of the utmost importance to adapt your site to it in order to have as good conditions as possible for operating organic traffic. However, the design does not need to be affected if you do it the right way.

Wordpress SEO Melbourne

Conversion friendly

Of course, the main purpose of a new website is to run more business, but it can also be to make the messages and offers clearer on the page so that you save many hours on explanatory phone calls and emails. Therefore, we create websites with clear Call-to-actions to encourage the traffic to carry out the desired action on the website.

Wordpress SEO Melbourne

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