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Instagram - a lifestyle channel

Instagram is one of the social channels that is still growing in users. More and more users are using the platform and the demographics are therefore wider now than they were a few years ago. It is no longer just young people using the channel. Advertising on Instagram, which is a lifestyle channel, is therefore excellent for branding purposes. Here you can raise your brand for a broad target group.

It is easy to build emotion with thoughtful material that is discreetly visible in the flow and thus register in the customers’ subconscious. There are more women than men using Instagram and almost everyone studying is Instagrammers. However, users are used to scrolling constantly, so it is more important now than ever to be aware of their target audience and bring this knowledge with them when choosing to create content and ads on Instagram.

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500 Million+ people use Instagram everyday.

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    Long-lasting relationship.

    The channel is also well suited for more aggressive short-term and strong campaigns that stand out in the periphery.

    However, it is all the more important to build a relationship with its users and see it as a process and a long-lasting relationship.


    Instagram facts

    Users login at least once a day 64%
    Aussies discovering new brands in Insta 89%
    non-American users 88%

    Instagram Ads - a channel that many people forget

    This social channel can be used for so much more than just paid advertising in the form of ads – Talk to us about how the channel is best for you and what more you can do! On Instagram you can work with both paid as well as organic content. Don’t let yourself be seen in the flow, maybe it’s Insta stories that are right for you?

    We also offer the Influencer marketing service, which has Instagram as its most important platform. However you wish to appear on this lifestyle channel, we will help you!

    Drop us a line about your requirements. 

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      3 reasons to choose us for advertising on Instagram

      Ever growing

      Instagram is an ever-growing channel among companies and it works just as well for services as for e-commerce products. Grab it now to build a large account with many followers!


      Instagram increases your brand awareness and makes your brand top-of-mind. We create a combined strategy where we create special branding ads along with short-term conversion-driven campaigns.

      Target oriented

      Instagram contains several interesting sections, target-oriented campaigns for both services and products, Influencer marketing and Instagram Stories.


      We can help you

      With thoughtful material that creates the right feeling that you process in the right way to get closer to your users, you come a long way and that is exactly what we help you with. We set up a tailor made strategy for your advertising on Instagram where we customise the content of both the image and the text.

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