Digital Marketing : Ultimate Beginners Guide

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Today, more and more companies realize the potential of improving their digital presence and marketing themselves online. However, digital marketing is an extremely wide area and you ask ten different people what it’s really about, you probably get as many answers. In this article, we had thought to find out what digital marketing means (for us), and what digital channels to invest in much more.


Chapter 1: What is digital marketing?

Chapter 2: 3 reasons to invest in digital marketing

Chapter 3: Different types of digital marketing channels

Chapter 4: Define your goals for best results

Digital Marketing Guide

Chapter 1: What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is marketing message that companies communicate through digital channels. The goal of marketing is to drive more business, build brand or provide service to its potential or existing customers. Often companies enter key ratios (CPIs) to have as a measurement value if the marketing is successful or not.

Marketing digitally also creates more opportunities because companies can target their marketing to different channels and devices such as touchscreen, computer, or mobile phone that will become increasingly important. Common types of digital marketing are search marketing (SEM), social media advertising and search engine optimisation (SEO), but more about it later!

Marketing occasionally

In the past, it was enough that a company was on a newspaper advertisement and then called the phone. At least, so many describe their situation when I’m on customer visits. Although it certainly was a lot better before, I think that sometimes the old situation sometimes confirms something. It was always a bit better before. Or?


Confirmation or not, there is still something left in that some marketing worked better sooner. Marketing offline (radio, TV and print) requires quite a big marketing budget. There is often a limited number of places to be seen on, and then prices are set.


Nowadays, digital marketing is usually cheaper but the problem is that there are endless places to be viewed. Where should you be seen and is it really so cheap?


When it comes to digital marketing, entrepreneurs and marketers often take the easy way. Especially because it is somewhere in the backside – that the simple method worked before and then it has to work now.


Being successful in digital marketing requires me a lot of commitment. If you work with a digital agency, it is necessary that both the digital agency know what they are looking forward to, but it also requires a lot of commitment from the customer. When both the customer and the digital agency are working towards the same goal, one step closer is to succeed in marketing!


Chapter 2: 3 reasons to invest in digital marketing

We hope you get a better idea of ​​what digital marketing is, but as a business, you might wonder why you should invest in this? Below we list the three main reasons for investing in digital channel marketing:

Well, the right audience

Historically, it has been very difficult to control who is exposed to any advertising, which also meant that it has been a challenge to target the ads to the right audience. For example, if you wanted to promote your company’s new sports drink in the early 2000s, you might choose to do this through a costly TV commercial without actually knowing who would see it. This way, the products were exposed many times to the wrong target groups.


With the help of digital marketing, you can avoid this “noise” and instead expose your product or service to exactly your target audience. The scope is to break down as far as gender, age, geography and interest. For example, if you want to market sports drinks today you can choose to make it only for women between the ages of 20 and 25 who live in Stockholm and have an interest in training (if it is your main target group).

Direct Interactions & Results

Another big advantage of digital marketing is that you get direct interactions and results. In order to continue on the path we can make a comparison between traditional marketing channels and digital channels.


Let’s say you owned a clothing store in Gothenburg in the early 2000s. You would then market your new summer collection to the residents nearby. Perhaps you chose to do this via the local newspaper, inviting people to visit your store.


When locals in Gothenburg were exposed to the advertisement, they were possibly interested, but many had to wait for the weekend and then unfortunately something came in between. Finally, it went on for a long time, and he did not get a purchase from the beautiful summer collection. Yes, you definitely understand where I want to come – the way to buy was simply very long!


By instead marketing through digital channels, you can get people to integrate directly with the ads and make purchases. Let’s say you’re currently running a clothing store online. You therefore choose to market you at Instagram where you invite people to click on your ad – where they have the opportunity to make a purchase immediately. Good, is not it?!

Measurable efforts 

Another great advantage of marketing through digital channels is that you can easily measure the results of your efforts. As I mentioned earlier, many CPIs are used to see if the investments are successful or not.


However, what kind of measurement value is used can vary greatly depending on the industry in which you work and what you have for goals. For example, if you want to work with brand building and get more people to recognise your business – then you can use the number of exposures to evaluate if successful.


Google Analytics


To measure the results of the efforts, there are a variety of analytics tools like Google Analytics .


Chapter 3: Different types of digital marketing channels

When it comes to the different types of marketing channels on the web, it’s at least a jungle. There are already many established channels to use while popping up new options every week. However, most new options are not long-term and therefore we recommend spending their budget on any of the following:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you want to work long term with your online visibility, search engine optimisation is the obvious choice. This effort is about to optimise your website in such a way that it looks better in the organic results of search engines like Google and Bing. Because the former is by far the largest, many also refer to SEO as ” appearing on Google “.

Google organic results

The benefits of working with SEO are many, but above all, it’s a long-term work that can potentially create a traffic and money machine that continues delivering results year after year …


When we explain this to potential customers, we usually compare it with the “interest-on-interest effect”. If you are actively working on optimising your website and creating good content, you’ll get the same results – a machine that generates more and more traffic:


Web Traffic


You can read more about this in our article Search Engine Optimisation: Step-by-Step Guide .

Search Marketing (SEM) 

Unlike SEO, which focuses on optimising its presence in the search engines’ organic hit list, Search Marketing (SEM) instead deals with paid ads to appear on certain keywords:

Google Ads


The biggest advantage of this marketing type is that you get immediate results. Your ad begins to appear immediately for those who search for the words you’ve chosen to target. On the other hand, it’s like a crane – as soon as you stop throwing money, your ads will stop showing.

Advertising through social media

Another popular channel for promoting online is social media advertising. Here, of course, there are a whole host of options like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter to name just a few.

Everyone obviously has their own pros and cons, which, however, deserves an entry for themselves. However, to make it easy, one could say that they are the same as for search marketing. The absolute biggest advantage is that you get direct results, while the disadvantage is that the fun ends as soon as you stop coughing up money.


Chapter 4: Define your goals for best results 

Choosing the right digital marketing channel is not quite easy and many times it’s the best option to work with a mix. However, in order to make a more concrete conclusion, it is important to clearly define what goals you have. Is it generating more business, increasing brand awareness or providing service?

Create more business through digital marketing

It is well since old that the basic principle of marketing should be to get more business to their company. If you deposit a sum of money into a vending machine, you want to spit more money when you make your investment.

The choice of marketing channel should be based on what the specific company wants to achieve. If there are more business, then a good idea may be to start thinking about the buying process.


Are you as a customer ready to make a purchase when you eat a sausage at a football match and see that the local carpenter sponsors the local team? Do you really want to rebuild the balcony at the moment? Or are you ready to make a purchase when you sit on the tv-couch with a special offer? Or are you ready to make a purchase when looking for emergency electrician Melbourne on your mobile?


If you want to run more business, invest in marketing channels that are closest to a purchase. For the channels closest to a purchase, the customer is looking for you and not the company that is looking for the customer. The marketing channels mentioned above aim to raise a need. At least the television commercial.


If you run an electrician and work with emergency jobs, it’s better that you see channels where potential customers do a search for your services. It’s very hard to spell correctly with its marketing via other channels if it’s urgent work. How big is it that the person sitting on the tv-couch is ready to hire an emergency electrician? Counter the person who actually does a search for your services. Examples of marketing channels where you can be seen by a potential customer looking for:

Digital marketing to build brand

It’s not all about quick efforts to get direct business. To become stronger as companies and to gain more market share, it is necessary to strengthen their brand. Getting a stronger brand does not happen overnight, but there is something that requires a tactic and a long-term work plan. But when it starts to give fruit then it really does.

Service-oriented digital marketing

Digital marketing can also be used to provide service or support to its customers. It’s mainly about social media channels like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Through the channels, customers can get quick service and answers to their questions. However, it is important that the company set up an action plan and tactics for the company’s customer service. There are many companies who have been in blue weather when they have not responded within a certain time, do not know how to communicate with negative reviews and the like.


Examples of things that you should plan

  • How long does it take for a person to get an answer?
  • Which person with you is responsible for your social media?
  • What happens if a negative review is written? How are we wrestling with it?
  • What happens if someone writes a positive review? What do we do then?
  • What is the purpose of customer service through social media?

Other things to consider

However, if your company plans to invest money in digital marketing, it is also important to set up a clear plan. Here are some questions that may well be considered.

  • How much budget do we have?
  • What do we want to achieve with the marketing?
  • Should we do it ourselves?
  • Should we hire a digital agency?
  • How are we doing this?
  • Where should we market ourselves?
  • How do we know if we have managed our marketing?
  • How do we measure the efforts?


In order to tie the bag together, thinking about an extra time when marketing digitally. It’s not as easy as buying a newspaper ad and gaining immediate effect. It’s a jungle out there of channels where your company can be seen and you can easily disappear in the crowd if you stand out.

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