Why Do I need SEO Search Engine Optimisation?

  • September 11, 2018
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Why SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a collective name for different methods to get a particular site to appear high in listings for a particular search phrase.  Usually, about 60-80% of all visitors you will ever have on your site from Google. The question is only if it is 80% of 100 visitors or 80% of 100,000 visitors. If your site is viewed on the right search phrases in the top rank on Google, that means enormous difference. So if you’re not there now, you need search engine optimisation. 


How does search engine optimisation work?

You can split search engine optimization into three parts: improvement of the on site as a whole, small mathematical enhancements to details and links. A large part of this work can be done even if you have time. The final fool will, however, a SEO agency probably do better.
How does SEO work
Read about how google Rank a website & google Ranking signals here >>

SEO Improvements of site

First of all, the site must be able to find the search engine. It is important to have simple and logical addresses (URLs) and do not hide the pages behind the code (more often before but you still see it as tight). Then the content on the site must be good. If you look at Google’s listing (serp) for a particular keyword as a contest, then it’s the best one at best (at least if you ask Google). If you do not think your site is better than the ones at the top then it’s time to improve the content.
Google does not consider appearance to be of relevance, but only looks at the content of the page. Those who use Google (your customers) are looking for information and the pages that provide information will be prized. As simple as that. If you want to be seen on the keyword bikes, your site should have information about bicycles. However, Google believes that responsive design is of relevance.

Cheating Google?

You can cheat. It’s cheating hello really. If a site does not deserve to be over you, it may well be cheated. Cheating means that mathematical manipulation tries to get pages that do not deserve its location to conquer it anyway.
SEO agencies usually know all about these tricks. However, they are not expected to use them. Cheating can banned your entire site. Then your traffic will decrease by 60-80% overnight. Many people are desperately trying to contact Google with missing stories about mistakes, unfair treatment and improvement.

Mathematical improvements that are not cheating

Small fine adjustments can have a big impact on an otherwise good site. Change any characters in the pages titles, change some words in headers here and where, measure with special tools and change a little more.

Link Building

Simply put, you can say that if someone wants to link to you then your page should be good. However, the question is who links. Google has huge databases of values ​​of different sites’ quality and genre. If a good site (probably puts it high on your keywords) links to you, it’s much more valuable than if your son’s classmate links to you from his Facebook.
There are hugely complex linking strategies developed by the pros and they keep them as secret as possible. What you can do yourself is to ask for links from the sites you have respect for in your area. You do not need to make it unnecessarily complicated.
SEO link building

Google vs. search engine optimisation

So, what does Google think about search engine optimization? The overall answer is: great! Provided you agree to improve site content (item 1). They have clear guidelines that they do not at all try to hide. Read them immediately if you have not already done so!

Google dance

Optimizers swear to dance with Google. Over one night, their entire clientele can fall from top 10 locations to catastrophic results, with sour customers and no revenue as a result. At the same time, ironically, dance is their best friend. Had not Google been dancing occasionally, their services would no longer be needed.

What are you going to do now?

You should ignore Google Dances and focus on creating as good and informative site as possible. If you succeed in doing this you will get lots of links from others without lifting a finger. You will survive all Google Dances and can focus on doing business. If you need help on the trains, you hire a well-known seo agency like us but demand that they do not cheat.
You should also seriously consider obtaining our search engine-enabled publishing tool. This will help both you and any SEO agency do an excellent job with your site.

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