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A digital strategy is a formulated plan, based on facts and insights. It shows the path from the current to the desired mode. And it's about how digital channels - like websites, apps, and presence in social media - help businesses achieve their goals.

We offer the highest level of expertise in data-driven marketing and digital conversion and offer it on-site with our customers. Together we implement effective, profitable and lasting changes.

Digital Strategy

The Internet has changed the behavior and expectations of customers in a way that has shaken about many industries in the first place. It is business critical to offer customer experiences that take care of the digital capabilities.

We are experts in digital transformation and innovation. With experience from industries such as travel, media, commerce, banking and insurance, we know how difficult the challenge is to make the right decisions and make the right effort in their digital efforts. And how important it is to marry the physical part of the deal with the digital. Based on insights into customer needs and the client's business, we are implementing the best customer experiences in the future - where digital is at the heart of the business.


Our process for customer-centric digital transformation

Our strategy work is always carried out by the customer. By understanding customers, we can see how their needs can be supported by services provided by the client today or could provide - no matter what channel the customer chooses. Our work follows a simple innovation process, where the client participates in all steps.

1. Current mode

To begin with, we need to understand our client's situation. What are the primary drivers and overall goals of the project and what do we need to find out to succeed? Together with the client we also map stakeholders and how to establish anchorage.


2. Research and Insights

Our research is conducted in three areas: we need to understand the customers and their needs, we need to understand the client's business and organization and we need to understand the ecosystem and the market that the client operates within.


3. Hypotheses

The most effective approach to innovation is to visualize a large number of ideas and test them on customers. Here we develop draft concepts in an iterative process. In each turn, we test the concepts on customers to improve and refine them to the next lap.


4. Strategy Formulation

The strategy is a customer-driven target image for the digitized customer experience. Often it consists of

  • customer insights and guidelines
  • future customer reviews or blueprints
  • action plan and overall concept for a number of tactical activities


5. Design and implementation

Steve Jobs used to say "It's all in the shipping." It is in the realization of the strategy and the concept that is all determined. We have won a number of design prices over the years and place great emphasis on pixel perfection. But - equally important is the usability, and therefore we work in a prototype-based iterative process with many customer interactions. Does it matter? It is not. On the contrary, it is both fastest and best results.

What is most important for Digital Strategy?

Google Analytics Meta Description Headings Title Tags

Google Analytics

Your first step in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Digital StrategyThis is the first time you log in to Google Analytics, so you will surely feel overwhelmed because there are so many settings and reports. In other words, it is completely understandable not knowing where to start. For example, if you are doing e-commerce in some form, it will be a bit easier to understand what you are generally looking for, namely:

How many stores does your website generate and how much turnover does it have? But far from all websites are for sale and e-commerce. As is known, a website can be used for a variety of purposes, such as creating leads, interest notifications, bookings or newsletter notification and much more.

Meta Description

Design an enticing meta description

Meta DescriptionTo get good results from an SEO perspective, there are many different parameters that record. But by mastery of the basic one, you get a good deal on the road, both as an amateur and professional.

In this section of our SEO Guide, we will review the description tag or "meta description" as it is called in Swedish, all its meaning and how it should be designed to be as optimal as possible for both the visitors and the search engines.


Search engine optimized headings

SEO HeadingsTo be seen highest in the hit list on Google is something most people aim for. In order to reach the top, both a well-designed linking strategy and a search engine optimized content are often required. When your site is spinned by Google and other search engines, the page's headlines are a strong factor. A title is meant to be a summary of the text on the page and it is also so Google interprets the site's headings. A good heading is not just a search engine-driven heading, but should preferably be selling and so interesting that visitors remain.

Title Tags

Title the tag's design and meaning

Something that does not all know is that with the right title tag you can get more relevant and more visitors to their website as it is so important when people search through Google and other search engines.

Every day we encounter web pages where the title tag is not exploited or exploited in the wrong way. Therefore, in the first part of our SEO guide, we will review the importance of the title tag, design and what to consider.

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