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Category Archives: Advanced SEO Techniques

SEO backlinks

How important are SEO backlinks?

Inbound and their importance in search engine optimisation (SEO) has long been a re-discussed issue. Therefore, in this article I was going to tell you more…
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Google Ads

Beginner’s Guide: Google Adwords

Want to know more about Google Adwords? In our beginner's guide, we will share lots of useful information. You can then use the information to…
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Google Display advertising

Display Advertising – What is it?

Have you noticed ads when you visit certain websites, read the news or also play your favorite game on your mobile? All of these…
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Google algorithms

Google Algorithms : Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird

Just as for all people in life when questions arise, these must be resolved and understood. As for Google's search engine, it must…
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Google AMP optimisation

What is AMP? Why it is Important for Search Engine Optimisation?

The BBC based 2010 that over five billion people around the world regularly used mobiles to use and communicate over the Internet. Later, in 2017, the…
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Must know about SEO Copywriting

A question that we often ever received, but we still very often get is "how should I write for Google?".  Here is an answer to…
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Google Plus for companies

Google plus for companies

Google Plus Pages for businesses What is Google+ and how companies can use it? Google+ was launched as a new social network in…
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Google Adwords

Google Adwords dictionary – Glossary

Glossary of Google Adwords Glossary of Google Adwords from SEO Expert Melbourne is an introduction to Google Adwords and explains the most commonly used…
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