Content marketing

What is content marketing?

Definition of content marketing (content marketing) is a form of digital marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in different channels. The purpose is to distribute valuable content to customers in order to strengthen its position as the leading player in a specific business area. 

Content marketing is a way of marketing your business that is increasingly used by larger companies. The main focus in content marketing, is about putting the company at the center by creating editorial content. By looking at the company’s needs and helping their customers absorb content, you find new customers and retain existing customers.

Prerequisites for more effective content marketing

  • Has a good CMS (Content Management System). We have experience of many of the major CMS systems such as  WordPress, Hubspot, Drupal and Adobe AEM and that the implementation with technical SEO is done correctly
  • Creates guidelines and templates for how to write content
  • Educates editors how to write for the web and SEO
  • Defines goals and KPIs for content
  • Reports how the pages work and their ranking on Google

Create editorial content that is of interest to your target audience

Content marketing is a strategic and effective way to communicate with your target audiences and the core to get digital marketing flying. Many marketing departments have great challenges in publishing quality and business-critical content. Content marketing is a strategy that is increasingly used by large brands but also smaller startup companies because it is a method that works and is cost effective. The technology is largely about grouping different information areas based on search volumes, ie what visitors search on Google.

When you build a website, you need to have top quality content. The texts created must be readable and distribute valuable and interesting content to potential customers. You also need to constantly go back to old content and update it so that the pages are of good quality. Google’s algorithms reward rewards that are current ( freshness algorithm ).

Through storytelling and good content, efficient and profitable customer journeys are created

Content marketing is a method that keeps visitors on the site, makes them come back and inspires them to buy. 

The purpose and goals of content marketing are often about:

  • Strengthen brand awareness
  • An integral part of marketing that builds credibility
  • Drive conversions and increase sales
  • Cost reductions
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Nurture relationships

Instead of traditional marketing where you pitch your products or services through hard sales, content marketing works to give potential buyers good service, discover fun things by creating relevant and editorial content. 

Content marketing means that smaller brands have the opportunity to dominate a niche with good content. To be able to create relevant content, you need a clearly defined audience that you can reach with your texts.

Do you have the right content on your site?

The information can be presented in a variety of formats, including blogs, news, videos, white books, ebooks, infographics, case studies, how-to guides, etc.

Many companies build information from the inside out and do not think about the visitors to the site but structure their information according to how they are organized. 

An informative website gives you more visitors and strengthens your brand. Current content with quality means that more users visit the site, which strengthens the business goals and business planning .

Do you know your target audience in depth?

Traditionally, marketers have tried to define their target audiences and create content based on target audiences. Modern marketing is about knowing the target audience and their search intentions.

In the inbound methodology, people usually talk about different personas where they try to give the target group demographic data, psychographic data and sometimes even a name. It can be very complicated, especially when you start disseminating information on social media to create virtual dissemination.

Other popular concepts are that the marketer looks at the customer journey. In order for this to be done effectively, measuring points may be needed and sometimes marketing automation tools are used.

If you want a lot of visitors to your site, you should always research and start from search volumes and do search behavior analysis. By researching the search volumes before writing content, your website becomes significantly more efficient and has the opportunity to meet the right and larger target group. 

You can identify competitors’ search traffic and even perform gap analyzes to identify content that has not been done. By measuring specific keywords and how they rank, you can also see how effective your marketing is towards your competitors in different business segments.

One method that is also extremely effective is to create content and talk to customer service and those who have customer contacts to identify and answer the most common questions.

Content marketing strategy 2022

Create and distribute valuable content

An important aspect is that you do not want to ruin your brand by creating bad information without a clear message. All information begins with the language and has a tonality that uses the same language as the target group.

What characterizes well-written and editorial content?

  • Good content needs to be based on your target group that you want to reach and the brief that is set up. Start with the goal of what the company is working on and who will buy the products and services by writing so that it seems that you understand the subject
  • Good content is often based on storytelling and gives the reader practical help
  • Texts are often informative and entertaining with the right tonality and industry expertise
  • Good content is grammatically correct where the language level needs to be at the mother tongue level
  • Good content and good structure
  • Long texts help pages to appear on Google search results. According to the State of Content Marketing Report 2021 , pages with more than 3000 words have three times more traffic and four times more shares.
  • The length of the pieces needs to be broken up so that it becomes legible
  • Good content needs to be unique and published regularly and updated
  • Good content is accurate in terms of SEO and also gets related texts, internal linking and acts as a magnet for external links from other websites
  • Good content is spread quickly and virtually
  • Always make sure that there are  call to action , ie conversion points that work
  • Based on data and therefore you always need to make sure to measure your content and how it works

How do you get started with content marketing?

The basic requirements for the content are that the information must be informative and created for your target group – but also that the texts can be disseminated easily and quickly. Of course, the content must be grammatically correct and entertaining for the readers. A basic requirement is that the text be search engine optimized and adapted for search engines.

Some people choose to create an editorial calendar, but another method is to use Google Sheet and identify landing pages that you want to build. Often you choose keywords that have a lot of search volume but also where there is an intention to buy and the competition to end up high is easier 

We think that content marketing is about creating new and unique content and reports that are relevant to your industry. We also work with Digital PR and to pitch readable content to newspapers and media. 

What kind of material creates leads most effectively?

Several companies spend a lot of time producing product presentations, which is rarely in demand. According to a study by the CMO Council report, the most effective formats for obtaining qualified leads are:

  • White papers
  • YouTube videos
  • Analysis reports
  • Blogging
  • Webcasts

We believe that companies must become significantly better around what is called mid-funnel, which bridges the gap between top-funnel and the sales themselves. It includes more detailed information for potential customers such as:

  • Newsletter
  • E-books
  • Case studies
  • Local pages
  • Hyper efficient forms and conversion points on landing pages
  • Chatbots to create dialogue directly with customers

Also, make sure you use new technologies like AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and Schema. Through the schedule, you can be seen in Google’s search results and what is called snippets.

Editorial content and measurability

Content marketing uses modern methods to continuously improve content. There are various techniques and tactical methods to be able to scale up content marketing and gain market share. Taking out different types of reports for search engine optimization, trends and content are natural building blocks and mean that the content can be continuously improved and renewed. Read more about how to write a content plan.

Where you publish content can vary

  • Own website
  • Blogs and other people’s websites
  • Social media
  • Appar
  • Podcast
  • YouTube

An important part is to continuously measure your content and produce KPIs so you know how the pages perform. It is possible to measure the number of visitors to the pages, but you can also see exactly how your pages work on Google and what ranking you have for the content. In general, you deserve a place in Google’s search results based on how good your content is to users.

What laws regulate content marketing?

Writing editorial content gives rise to some difficult questions. From a consumer perspective, it is important that the information is relevant, accurate, not perceived as advertising but informative and authentic.

Dissemination in the digital channels

There are several digital channels that you need to use to spread and publish your content to your target audiences.

  • Organic ( SEO ) or search engine optimization usually consists of 60-70% of the traffic to a website
  • Social media and social advertising
  • Google ads mainly the search network but also the display network, the video network
  • Display advertising and programmatic purchasing
  • Retargeting
  • Video and YouTube
  • Newsletter
  • Other external websites (referals) and influencers

Get help from a content agency?

Many larger companies have their own marketing department that works with content. They know the company’s business concept but often get stuck in internal processes. We believe that by hiring SEO specialists who support the marketing department, there is a potential to increase visibility even more.
Well-written texts and good content give customers an understanding of the service or product, which gives you business and increased sales. Reaching customers early in the buying process has become increasingly important and marketing departments are working more intensively to put their own company at the center already when customers start looking for information.

Investing in content marketing can be complicated and requires new work processes that often take a long time to complete. But at the same time, there are simple methods so that you get results quickly. 

One is to create a content plan or content plan where you have a publishing schedule for the content you need within your niche.

The information must use technology so that it is easy to share content within and outside the organization. Larger companies are usually not organized to create material that is shared on social media.

Do you want to strengthen your existing website?

Do you have little time to catch up? We help you structure your existing site, categorize and optimize the content so that it ranks in an optimal way. By analyzing Google Analytics, we get an idea of ​​how well the site works, but in addition to Google Analytics, we have a bunch of SEO programs that we use. 

Together we put together which keywords are important to you and make a content analysis and corrections where needed. You can also get reports on pages that have thin content and focus on those pages or on pages that lack metadata.

The aim is to create cost-effective campaigns that reach your target group.
Our method means that you pay for what gives the most results.

  • Need to write a content plan based on high-volume keywords on Google? We identify different keywords and write a schedule based on what is requested in your niche.
  • We can set up a site in a competitive niche to protect your brand when doing a search on Google search results
  • Improve visibility on existing site
  • Change website without losing visitors?

We have worked with online marketing for several years in various marketing departments. When we come up with suggestions for texts, we start from how keywords work and drive traffic (what is popularly called longtail).

Content marketing tools

There are a plethora of tools to use such as:

  • Question Analyzer from Buzzsumo

Read about more SEO tools here .

Why hire SEO Expert Melbourne as a content agency?

Do you want to strengthen your online marketing? We help companies increase revenue by delivering smarter content and marketing for their target audience. SEO Expert Melbourne is a content agency that works with online marketing. 

We work with web agencies and marketing departments at our customers. Examples of the works include content marketing, content analysis, writing editorial texts, white papers, spreading rumors and blogs. The task is often to strengthen a company’s digital presence through digital PR and technical SEO.
We can support your content marketing strategy with flexible and unique solutions.