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Ecommerce – increase sales to your e-commerce with more effective SEO

In 2021, e-commerce sales amounted to 4.9 trillion dollars. (One trillion equals one million million while Americans talk trillions). 72% of sales ie 3.56 trillion dollars came over the mobile phone so you need to make sure that your e-commerce is adapted for the mobile.

Do you have problems increasing growth and sales by creating more sales online? Through SEO, we can help you get more online transactions. E-commerce is an increasing share of retail and more companies are starting to develop a strategy based on SEO and Google.

For e-commerce, SEO is business-critical

The basis of all e-merchants is to be visible on Google both SEO and Google Ads. Google Ads costs money, so if you want to scale up the business with ads, you need to have a large budget while SEO does not cost anything but should be seen as a long-term investment. 

In addition, Google Ads and SEO are related in such a way that you need to have good landing pages to get more effective advertising with lower advertising prices and better exchange of your advertising budget.

Do you want to improve your current e-commerce and get it to search engine optimized and make the site visible online for both the brand and products? 

Or do you want to start a brand new e-commerce site? If you have an online shop, you know how important it is to drive visitors to your online store and then it is important that you reach the right target group and that the site is optimized so that the various products are highly visible on Google. 

Search engine optimisation for e-commerce is often about measuring and improving conversions on the keywords where you have good sales, low competition and high gross margins. 

Google Ads without optimisation is like throwing a big chunk of the budget into the lake where you constantly have to spend large sums every month. Through effective SEO, you get the ads to work better as the landing pages become more effective.

Build a content structure that works

When you build a website, content structure is extremely important and that you build good category pages based on what customers are looking for.
Make sure you use cancellation, ie that you tell Google which page you want to rank on.
You can make your products appear free/organic on Google shopping and automatically add structured data to your pages. You also need to work with the user experience by offering related products.

Make sure you have solid SEO processes

In the first level, SEO companies usually make sure that the structure is right. It is often about building good category pages is good but to get to the top you need to work structured with several other parts.

  • Make sure that the site meets the requirements of technical SEO
  • Make sure you target the right keywords that customers are asking for with advanced search behavioral analytics
  • Build links to your website with digital PR
  • Optimize product pages
  • Avoid duplicate content by cannibalizing pages that are about the same things
  • Onsite optimisation and onpage optimisation
  • Make sure the server is fast
  • Make sure to prioritize how the site works in the mobile and make mobile adjustments
  • Be sure to update content and publish new content periodically
  • Measure different KPIs

Do you have quality links from other sites?
You need to link to your pages as there is fierce competition to be seen on. Many SEO companies offer links from their networks which worked several years ago. If you buy links from bad link networks, you take a huge risk that the website will be penalized by Google. 

Millennial has meant a change of trend in e-commerce

E-commerce will grow because the millennial target group – those born between 1980-2000 – is an important consumer group that will grow in purchasing power . According to Goldman & Sachs, which has looked at the target group in the US, they will increase their consumption by 15% over the next 5 years while the age group before them – ie baby boomers – will reduce their consumption by 10%.

Millennial is a target group that grew up with the Internet, mobile telephony and social media. In addition to using the internet more for their own price comparisons, millennials are 3 times more likely to talk about a product on social media than baby boomers and 10 times more likely to blog about it.

Traffic sources in e-commerce are the same as in retail

In e-commerce, they work with several different channels with the aim of driving up sales to online and physical stores. An important measure is, for example, new customers to the store and regular visits. 

Make sure your customers find you and drive traffic through organic search engine optimization and SEO. Customers do research and if you are not involved early in the process, you lose many potential customers.

  • Direct traffic that you visit the site directly, which is important for the strength of the brand
  • Google ads and sponsored products and Google shopping
  • Onsite display
  • Offsite display
  • Social media advertising and organic traffic against (Facebook and Pinterest)
  • YouTube
  • Newsletter
  • New traffic sources like Instacart advertising
  • Our methodology gives you an accurate strategy

Over the years, we have helped many of the largest brands with strategic advice in e-commerce. 

We have a methodology around SEO after working with several different webshops to optimise the sites for Google. 

Our technical experience extends from Australia-developed systems to international e-commerce systems in e-commerce.