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Anchor Text

The anchor text is the text that is linked. In this  example link  , it is the "example link" that is the anchor text. The term comes from the fact that a link in HTML is called anchor (), that is, anchor.


It is a term commonly found in search engine optimisation as optimised anchor texts can be part of your online strategy. But it might as well be what stifles your strategy if you use it too diligently. Google started using the anchor text early as an indication of what the linked page was about.


But as with so many other things in the search engine optimisation world, it was abused and many manipulated search results using anchor texts to get profane pages to rank high for certain search terms.


Google has never been excited about manipulating search results and they began to put less emphasis on the anchor texts in their algorithm . But it was not until 2012, with the Penguin update , which they really agreed to the over-optimisation of anchor texts.


Is it all the time to optimise your anchor texts? No, Anchor text is still part of the algorithm, and optimising them gives you a positive effect. But it is better to link naturally to the text and vary how to link than just link with exact match. Then you risk that Penguin believes that the webpage is over optimised. Right is always the best!

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Different types of anchor texts

There are different ways to write anchor texts when linking. Here are the most common:


Exact match

Exact match is when you link to another web page with exactly the keywords you want to rank well on. For example. "Learn more about  search engine optimisation  from Getupdated". Since we want to rank well on search engine optimisation, we use that word as our anchor text for the link.


Related or partial match

You can also link related phrases or by using partial matching when search phrases consist of multiple words. For example. "Learn more about how our SEO consultants can help you optimise your site for search engines. "   Here, it will be a rewrite of the keyword we want to see on which is used as anchor text, ie a related match. Another related match could have been SEO consultants.


The brand

One of the most common anchor texts will be your brand or company name. For example. SEO Melbourne helps you with search engine optimisation".


Nude URL

Another very common way to link is to use the URL for the web page. It is clear, but it can often be a bit long and difficult as it does not flow well in plain text. For example. "Read more about search engine optimisation at "



A general anchor text is also very common. This means linking to a general phrase such as here, click here, read more, etc. For example, "SEO Melbourne helps small and large companies with digital marketing. "


Exact matchings and related matches are preferred if it flows well in the text. But of course, a well-developed link profile will also contain more links from the other link types. It's no longer possible to manipulate Google search results with many exacting anchor texts, but they're still part of a good SEO strategy.


However, in order not to end up with Google's monitoring list, it is good to vary their anchor texts and also use related matches as well as perhaps entire phrases like anchor text.


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