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  • March 9, 2018
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Let’s see why SEO Expert Melbourne is one of the Best SEO Agency Melbourne

Search Engine Optimisation – What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) includes various methods and techniques used to optimise your website, being search engine friendly. Well done search engine optimisation increases your chances to be placed well in primarily Google searches. SEO is also used in other searches like speech, image and search engines like Bing, Twitter, Youtube, and Linkedin, etc.

What do you need to keep in mind for your website so that you get higher up in Google search results?  The first step is often to make onsite optimisation and ensure that the current site is working properly. Going through the titles and making sure the pages are well written should be done internally because it is simple and something that has to be done continuously. If you run WordPress, you can install the Yost for SEO plugin, which helps one.

The second part that can be more complex is to analyse the site that is either built or to be built. Here you may need to coach an experienced person to analyze the technical parts and use search behavior analyzes to create a good foundation and foundation for your website.

It is imperative to choose the right keywords that your target audience uses when they want to get information. Search engine optimisation improves the site’s natural ranking, which means that those looking for your services or products are easier to find.

In search engine optimisation on Google, the algorithms have caused the methods and rules of the game to change continuously. Previously, it was common practice to use simple and spammy methods to take good positions in Google search results. It was common for you to type a word several times (keyword stuffing) so that search engines would prioritize the information, but this does not work anymore.

As the search engines become more sophisticated, these tricks have become obsolete and may cause the company to lose its positions on search engines. Google constantly updates with Penguin, Hummingbird and Panda’s purpose is often to emphasize the quality of content on the sites that appear and that the search results shown are optimal for users.

SEO Process

Search Engine Optimisation : SEO 2019

Why are you going to engage in search engine optimisation on Google? 
If you want to be better on the web to get more customers, Google is the obvious choice. A large part of traffic up to 70% of a site is through search engines like Google, which means that it is often the most important digital channel.

This is the traffic that is free of charge from Google Adwords  where you have to pay to be seen. Unlike paid ads, you do not pay anything for visitors to click on your ads – which means search engine optimization is a long-term investment to take space from your competitors.

A good SEO strategy means that you rank naturally on the most important keywords in the niche and have defined target groups and their needs mapped. Getting a lot of traffic can involve additional costs if you do not reach the target audience you want to sell.

Optimised websi

SEO Optimised website strengthens the brand

Through effective search engine optimisation, you get more visitors to your site and thus your company’s online visibility. A good search result when looking for the company name, focus services, products or management does not just mean that the brand looks good – it protects you against negative writing because it’s your articles that are visible.

Even when compared to other digital channels, search engine optimisation is extremely effective. When search engine optimisation is integrated with social media, your information is shared more and gets more spread, and some call social media for the fluid in the digital marketing.

Good search engine optimisation increases sales

SEO Increased SalesA good website reflects the company’s business concept and helps create business benefits and increased profitability. It is no longer enough for the site to have many visitors, but the best SEO is largely about business development and finding customer search intentions.

Search engine optimisation gives you insights and learns more about the customer and their needs and you can find products that are successful with your competitors. The way we choose to optimise websites varies depending on the company’s business goals, target groups, and customer buying processes and customer travel.

With the risk of being sick. An effective SEO strategy will provide you more leads and develop your business. Search engine optimisation enables you to take market share from competitors, which ultimately gives you more leads and customers.

The conversion rate is high for SEO
If the strategy works, you have high visibility on converting keywords. On your website, you especially want customers who increase sales. The closing rate, ie contacting customers, is often higher in the organic search. The degree of closure differs widely between different sectors – but an industry surveyed gave a final grade of more than 14.6% for the organic search, while call rates were significantly lower at 1.7%.

Good search engine optimisation reduces costs

Search engine optimisation is cost-effective, cheaper and longer-term than advertising with Google with Adwords where you always have to pay for each keyword that you want to see on which is not scalable when the business grows. Search engine optimisation, therefore, means lower cost for each new customer being generated because you do not pay any ad cost.

Search engine optimisation also means that your AdWords campaigns become more effective as landing pages become more efficient and they get better quality results from Google, which means getting better results for the same budget.

When can you see the results of search engine optimisation?

Delivering good SEO and customer experience takes time, knowledge and hard work because it basically involves building websites with quality based on user needs. Working strategically with search engine optimisation means optimising the site and having a long-term perspective to ensure that you can compete effectively in your niche. A website should support the business idea and therefore the business’s business and market are key concepts about what words you choose to be visible to.

Something that can be frustrating is that you rarely see the results directly from SEO but sometimes can take several months to start taking positions. The only way to see how it goes is to continually measure how you perform on different keywords sometimes down the daily level. Google has patents on delays and sometimes there may be several types of technical barriers that will prevent your website from being indexed properly. It’s never too early to start SEO. Start with search engine optimisation today – the longer you wait for the more difficult it will be to rank on the keywords you want to be seen on.

If you want a quick result, you should invest in Google Adwords instead where you pay to show your ads in Google search results – but you’ll also expect higher costs.

What are the most important ranking factors?

During a decade, ranking factors have been discussed and it’s been back for several years when Google officially told us that there were 200 different ranking factors. 2019 are the main factors for getting high of Google content, external quality links, domain name, and how Google’s algorithm named Rankbrain ranks the site.

Rankbrain algorithm is said to account for 30% of all searches, and a large part consists of searches that have never been done before, but machine learning also creates new opportunities for images and maps. Rankbrain means that the CTR has a higher significance than before, even though it is not a direct ranking factor and visitors remain on the site.

Tips and methods to improve your website

The search engine’s quality demands are constantly increasing and it demands people who work with the site. There are many aspects of a visitor’s experiences on the page that must be taken into account.

Make sure to be at the forefront of digitisation and that the organisation has a digital and agile approach. Always follow up with graphical reports how your website works.

 Improve your website SEO

There are basically four ways to improve organic search, ie our positions on Google. Either with improved content, technically modify the platform or improve the external links pointing to a site.

The search analysis section is about compiling the most relevant search terms and counting how many searches the keyword has on, and especially against the Swedish market.

On Page is about all the parts you change on their web page. There are things like site hierarchy, navigation, the headlines of the pages and the quality of the text.

Link strategy is the work that is being done to get links to it, links are crucial for how successful search engine optimisation succeeds.

Infrastructure: How the site is technically structured and how Google and other search engines index the site.

1. Use SEO processes instead of SEO tactic

Best SEO Process

Search engine optimisation and strategy Search engine optimisation is constantly evolving and includes several methods and processes that make it easier to find content and convert – where the most skilled marketers often use creative solutions.

Long-term and strategic SEO that means that your content is discovered not only on Google but also in Bing and searches on Apple and Facebook.

Some SEO companies have chosen to work with short-term tactics and take different tricks to try to get top of the search engines, which means that you as a customer take a higher risk. You can push massive links or use Google c botes to get more visitors, which can work in the short run until Google changes your algorithms or you get stuck in a filter.

We at SEO Expert Melbourne believe that future search engine optimisation is largely about optimising content by different key ratios (KPIs) and continually developing their website, for example, to get users to stay on the site without returning to search results.

2. Based on search behavior online

Actually, it should be obvious to build websites for the target audience’s search engine online, but very many sites are being built instead with great focus on the graphics, and so the advertising agency misses how the site will be used and traffic. On the net there are a lot of sites that are not optimised and that miss the relevant traffic that goes instead to their competitors.

We help you to analyse your audience’s search behavior
Discover what matters to your niche and match the keywords used on the web with your site and how the site is built. When we consult about a website, we always start a search behavior analysis that examines users and how they search the web.

Long Tail Keywords

Keyword statistics and search behavior analyses are based on the theory of longtail. More and more market leaders have begun to understand that it is profitable to look at the longtail, ie a large number of related keywords, instead of being visible on a few “prestige words” within a particular niche. Traffic is on the long-tail and many people use multiple keywords when searching online.

We work with developing all relevant keywords within your niche and combining the long-tail with a tip, ie also appearing in the most competitive terms, as the words most commonly used in the searches. Working with the web is largely about keywords and how many searches are made on Google every month.

A strong SEO strategy has a content plan about the content of the site, different offers and different file formats. By sorting and categorising the keywords in search volumes, you’ll see which keywords are most important and what you need in content marketing but also how your website needs to be changed and structured in an optimal way. For a larger site, it’s not uncommon for us to investigate several thousand different keywords and find keywords that we missed in their marketing but that the competitors use.

Key Factors When Search Engine Optimisation:

  • Review of products and services to analyse key keywords and keyword phrases.
  • Analysis of number of searches and search behavior for your site.
  • Identifying important longtail searches and search phrases that maximise traffic’s different matching combinations of the keywords.
  • Analysis of the target group’s search behavior based on a Marketing perspective.

3. Analyse the site structure

Analysis of a site site structure and how it matches with Google. You can see internal links in tools like GSC, but also that the menu structure and site structure match the search volumes. Many make the mistake of linking to the website only, while there are underlying pages that may have the potential to get more traffic because they contain a particular keyword.

4. Site content

Having the right content is often a constant work. Search engine optimisers can reverse the information and see how Google views the site as having a good CTR but also readable that improves the user’s reading experience.

Many editors do not follow the site as to how it goes with visitors and visibility.  As a web editor, it’s important to sharpen your website, optimisze your content and ultimately get more love from Google.
Write good and interesting copy with content for your audience and those who visit the website
Make sure titles and meta descriptions are written by keywords and make them clickable. This is what appears on Google search results.

Make sure the site has good onsite SEO optimisation of the pages on the most competitive terms. Follow keywords that do not rank and improve content that has major search volumes on Google.

Build perfect landing pages (silver bullet pages) customised for the keywords you want to see on where there is a lot of volume and high competition

  • Use different search engine optimisation tools. The tools show different things and areas to work with – In our projects, we will tell you about the best tools that have taken us to evaluate
  • Design and content are important and to improve structure and make it easier to navigate, but navigation can affect your site both positively and negatively.
  • You might need to consolidate multiple pages that deal with the same subject to get duplicate content
  • Search engine optimisation for mobile and digital assistants is a relatively new area and shows that you need to lift your eyes and not just concentrate on the usual and traditional text search.

5. Visibility and links

We follow all keywords that provide traffic and how the positions evolve over time. Good links with high credibility pointing to the site and the landing pages you want to rank on.

Best SEO Backlinks

6. Reports and ranking for search engine optimisation

It is important to measure your site with relevant key figures in order to make accurate analyses. A strong SEO strategy gets no organic tap but involves a website that constantly takes digital market share and gains visibility

Traditionally, search engine optimisers have focused on search results and ranking data, but there are several other relevant key figures that can be obtained for a website to see how it works. Within each niche we work, we benchmark the best of a keyword to identify how to pick positions and increase visibility.
Compare you with the strongest brands!

If we were to work with sofas, it would be obvious to compare their metrics (KPIs) to the strongest brands such as IKEA, Mio, EM, Furniturebox and Trademax. We usually choose companies that have a high profit margin to see what they are doing right in their marketing. Through this analysis we see how they get traffic but also what products and keywords are out there and what they do that ultimately provide better profitability.

Once we have developed different KPIs with values such as visibility, onsite optimisation, link strength and infrastructure, we work iteratively and continuously with the best performing results and give you a priority list of what you need to work with. We continuously analyse and report for your site.

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