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Exact match URLs are not a ranking factor anymore, How domain name selection helps?

Keywords in Domain name still helps. Just check out our URL and we rank on top position for keywords SEO expert, SEO Expert melbourne, SEO consultant melbourne, PPC management Melbourne and many.

Keyword in URL establish your brand. 

Keywords in URL enables wider changes of anchor text juice passing to the site. You can use nude URL as anchor text too. 

Search engine optimisation begins with the domain

Search engine optimisation actually starts at the domain address, and when you register it, it is worth knowing what kind of searches you want to look good in, as you have a clear advantage in having a relevant address describing the site's theme and also containing keywords. 

For example, if you want to start a webshop called "Blinds online", could be a good domain address, which directly reflects what the site is about.

Domain Names SEO

Domain - to think about domains

Language and national relevance. 
One thing that many easily forget is to have the national relevance, to get a language-related relevance that further promotes something at the rankings and your keyword optimisation . 

Simply put, you are looking for a Australian site on a domain if you want to be seen in Australian search engines like Google . This linguistic relevance is further improved by clearly specifying language in the site code.

Unique domain address per site

Another thing that many easily miss is that you should only have one domain address per site: one and the same site should only be accessed through a single domain address. Many people think that having multiple domain addresses registered and pointing to the same site increases their chances of appearing in search results, but on the other hand, you only increase the risk of duplicate content , which can impact very negatively on one's rankings and placements.


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