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Redirects and repetitions are a common trap when it comes to, often unknowingly, not taking advantage of any linkage. For example, addresses are not referred to as they should or should be pointed out as they should not.


Reflected as they should

In case you have a page accessible through multiple addresses than a unique address, the alternate addresses should be redirected to the primary and lonely unique address. A classic example is that websites are widely available through addresses both with and without www ( and ), which in search engine eyes easily creates a duplicate page and hence duplicate content .

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Redirects - reminders to think about

Many people think of having multiple domain addresses registered and active pointing to the same site. These should, from an SEO perspective, instead be pointed out with a 301 Redirect to a unique domain address.


Redirects that are not referred to as they should

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to see other forms of reverberation than 301 Redirect, which is the only reminder that is relevant to linkage and linkage in a good way. Refreshments performed with, for example, Javascript, a Meta Refresh or a 302 Redirect does not depend on the power of any external link .


The search engine optimization perspective

In search engine optimization of a website, it is important to analyze the redirects that exist or are not available and ensure that they have a clear strategy on how to use the site to retain and maintain the widest possible amount of linkage and PageRank .

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