3 things you should avoid to improve E commerce conversions

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14 ways to increase your conversion rates for your e-commerce and 3 things you should AVOID

Looking for ways to boost your conversion rate on your e-commerce? You’ve come to the right place! I have compiled 14 ways (with statistics and examples) that can increase your conversion rate today. I have also developed three things you should not do if you do not want your conversion rate will fall (doh!).

As usual when it comes to conversion optimisation , you need to test what works best for you but you can use this list as inspiration based on what has worked for others.

I could have made this list is endless but I have focused on producing items that are not too difficult to implement and that can have a major impact on the conversion rate.

Looking for a more basic guide to conversion optimisation ?.

Let’s go!


Some things first just. If you have not done this, you can start by making them directly:

Make sure that the website is responsive (NB not always the best of responsive site. Could be good with different versions depending on the device. The important thing is that the site is optimised for mobile devices), loads quickly,  and you have a clear call to action buttons.

Now that we got it out of the way … Here’s the list: (wait)

1. Use the “exit intent” Popups

Imagine that a visitor browsing around on your e-commerce, put something in the basket, but for some reason, so complete, he / she did not order. Instead, the visitor moves the pointer to the corner to close the tab or browser.

Then it will up a box that says ” Use this coupon to get 10% discount .” Sure, it increases the chance that the visitor would act? And the person would still leave the website so you do not have much to lose. However, be careful to always give away discount vouchers when returning visitors can become accustomed to always expect a discount. Mix it up a little with other offers!

You can also try to make your pop up a little funny. Check out this list for some ideas .

2. Use of videos of your best selling products

In addition to using high-resolution images of your products, you can also use the videos.At least for your best popular products or services.

Studies have shown that the conversion rate could increase by over 100% with the help of videos.

Increase in conversion rate


3. Use bulleted lists

You of course want to make it as easy as possible for visitors to see the features and benefits of your products. The very easiest way then is to make use of bulleted lists. You always want to make it as smooth and easy as possible for your visitors to take a decision.



amazon bullet points


4. Live chat

One big reason that many visitors do not carry their purchases is that they have issues that they do not have answers to. If you have a live chat on the side so you can directly help someone who has doubts or questions.

Another thing that is good with live chat is that you are there you have the opportunity to collect information about customers . What questions do they, what do they hesitate on, what do they think? You can then use the data to improve your website and thus also increase conversion rate.

Some interesting statistics:

  • 63% of visitors were more likely to return to a site that had a live chat
  • 62% said that a live chat was that there was a greater chance that they would buy the site again
  • 38% said they had acted through live chat

Source: eMarketer

5. Optimise how you receive e-mail signups through pop-ups

Dan Zarella has made a case study in which he shows how the number of subscriptions to him through the website doubled since he started asking his visitors for their email addresses via pop ups on the website.



We at SEO Expert Melbourne has repeatedly seen these results. An affiliate site we worked with their subscriptions increased by 300% (!) When we set up pop-ups that ask for email address.

The important thing is that you have relevant and good deals, then visitors will not become irritated and they are happy to share the email address.

6. Use the “trust badges”

A “trust badge” is simply a picture using the website for the visitor to feel more secure.Depending on what you sell, it may be different badges that works best.

In Australia this is the typical “trust badges” eg Google trusted store, Paypal Verified, SSL.

E commerce security badges

7. Improve your search page

This is often a big problem in many web shop websites. The search functions operates unfortunately very often just too bad. You’ve probably been frustrated with this on many websites before. So make sure that it works in your e-commerce.

8. Add the ability to review

When you let users review your products, you increase the chance, at least if you get good reviews, your visitors buy. We know that when you can see what other people think it increases the chance that you yourself buy.

9. Free shipping and returns

In Australia, we are pretty good at giving free shipping, many sites now offer it, at least if it is over a certain amount. If you do not do it today, it might be worth a try! We have seen many cases where raising product prices but offers free shipping which both increased average order and increased the conversion rate.

Especially if you are selling clothes, it may also be worthwhile to provide free return. Most people do not use such a policy, but it gets the visitor to feel safe and comfortable with dealing.

A survey ranked the reasons why people leave their shopping cart :

1.  They wanted to see or touch the product before buying it (37%)
2.  Shipment of high (36%)
3.  Concerned about how good the quality of the product (26%)
4.  How easy it is to return the product (20%)

10. Try something new

Instead of making a completely new design of your e-commerce (which they usually avoid) so try to do something completely new in the current design. What you can try to do to get your visitors to want to use your site more?

Look at how Zalando by calling his cart for “My bag” makes their website directly feels much more personal, different and fun. They are guaranteed to test this (Zalando has 80 people in his conversion team) and found that it converts better. After all, “My Bag” and not a boring shopping cart.

Warning! Here, however, I wish to clarify something about this particular example. In general, you should make use of what is “generally accepted” that visitors should not be confused. If all call it the “basket” then you should usually call it “shopping cart” so you do not need to think.

E commerce optimisation


11. See bestsellers

What you can do for two reasons. Partly so you know that these products are selling well, so why not do the extra visible so that more people discover them and they can sell even better? But if you also type “best sellers” next to the products you’ll see the visitors that many others bought them, which is called “social proof”. Just the same way that reviews work so it will be as if you “vote” that the product is good.

12. Display related products or services

When the customer is added an item to your cart so you can view the products and for example say “other customers bought XYZ with this product” or something similar. It increases the chance that the customer is more.

Conversion optimisation


13. Photos on real people

If you add real photos of people (not terrible stock photos that too many people use) of your site so you can increase your conversion rate . VWO has written about sites that have increased their conversion rate by more than 95% .

14. Make recommendations

This is closely related to the tip on to add reviews on the site. If you use quotes, photos and recommendations from people who purchased from you so you can increase the conversion. Wikijob were 30% higher conversion rate when they began using the recommendations on the website.

3 things not to do:

1. Forcing people to register

25.6% of people who shop online say they would terminate a purchase if they are forced to register. You know how hard it is, attracting instead of that you get any good if you sign up, do not force it.

2. Do not copy directly from the major e-commerce stores

Yeah, but some of the recommendations above come from Amazon and the big brands you think. So what do I mean? Well, happily picking out individual things such as to show products at checkout, allowing people to leave reviews or use bulleted lists of product features. But do not copy everything outright. Amazon and other large stores are extremely well known and they “get away” with things smaller e-retailers do not.

To test the individual things, but do not take the whole concept outright.

3. Do not use the long form

You do not like to fill out long forms, right? It does not make your customers either . Try to make everything as easy as possible to fill in.

Image Escape reduced their form 11-4 field and had a 120% higher conversion rate.


There you have them! 14 ways to improve your e-commerce conversion rates. Implement and see how well they work for your website. Remember that everything always has to be tested!


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