8 Famous Logos and its Significance

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When you think we are exposed to hundreds (some of us thousands) logos every day. Some are beautiful, some are ugly and some are so established that we do not even perceive them as logos. The logo is one of the most important pieces of a successful brand. A company logo should not only be unique and at the same time lay the foundation for the company’s entire identity – it should also say something about the company, whether it is a piece of history, a message or an underlying meaning.

Here we go through ten different logos that have been very successful with this particular.

Fedex logo

1. FedEx

A classic example of a simple, stylish and at the same time very communicative logo. US FedEx signalling speed and shooting skills in more ways than one – the gap between the letters “e” and “x” forming an arrow pointing forward.

Sony vaio logo


2. Sony Vaio

A relatively new logo already become a modern classic. The letters “VA” is designed to reproduce an analog signal, while the “IO” is supposed to be the numbers 1 and 0 – representing a digital signal.

beats logo

3. Beats

Apple-owned Beats, which manufactures headphones, has developed a logo to imagine … yes, exactly – a person wearing headphones.

gilette logo


4. Gillette

The letter “G” is a razor sharp silhouette, this to symbolize Gilette rakbladens sharpness and precision.


amazon logo

5. Amazon

The yellow arrow points from the letters “a” to “z” and show that Amazon has everything “from A to Z”. It is at once illustrated to resemble a smile, which symbolises happy customers.

toblerone logo


6. Toblerone

Toblerone logo is a familiar feature of the vast majority (if we have Mona Sahlin, to thank for this, or do not we leave unsaid), but few people know that the mountain hides a standing bear in the negative space. Toblerone is produced in Swiss Bern, known as the “city of bears.”

museum of london logo


7. Museum of London

It may look like some sort of modernist art at first sight, but the colours symbolises London’s geographical area and how it expanded over time.apple logo



8. Apple

The story behind the Apple logo come in so many varieties and versions that today it is almost mythical, but to keep it brief symbolises the apple of knowledge (as in the fruit of knowledge, Adam and Eve ate of even though they were not).

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