Importance of Title tags in Google Rankings: MYTHS AND TRUTHS

  • April 17, 2014
  • SEO
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Title tag, is one of the most important, single factor that has the most impact on an individual page on your site ranks for a given keyword / phrase.
There are of course other factors that are important for rankings and in some cases may be crucial, but right Title tags importance is hard to beat.

Title tags significance for Google is logical. It is the first thing Google sees and the element signals to Google, even to the visitor what your site is about. We usually compare the title tag to resemble the Internet with a large library and the title of what is on the book’s spine when the book is in the bookcase. Spine would be empty, one would be forced to take out every single book to find the right man would not have the faintest idea what either units or all about.


A few months ago, we encountered a site that sells lenses, a segment with weak competition in Google’s search results. Word “lenses” are reasonably the most important, but which will soon after? We bet on contact lenses, so imagine our surprise when we discovered that it was not included in either the content or the page title tag. we advised this and asked them to insert the word in the page title, and after two days they flew out of nowhere beyond +100 to top 20. Nowadays, even the word in the text and the time of writing they are at # 13 with the keyword “contact lenses “. The page title is now ” Contact lenses – Buy cheap contact lenses online – LENSER ” and we have not much to add regarding it. There are other examples in the title role and for me there is no doubt about its importance to rank. When you see the page titles consisting of “Home”, “Contact”, “About” and other linked nonsense that makes it really hurts . Those who create these web sites have two choices. Redo and doing right or doing something else. Do they additionally paid as they should …


There are lots of tips and advice on how to create effective and good title tags. One thing is certain, the advice available regarding best practice for the title tag often differ quite a lot from each other. What is true is the varied over time as a reason that councils vary is that Google has sometimes changed the rules regarding how the title is presented in the search results.

How large should the title be?

There has been talk of 70, 65, 64 and recently of about 55 characters. That it was less precise number of characters because Google does not show X number of characters, but instead shows a width in terms of pixels. The figure we’ve heard is 480 pixels, although 520 pixels.
It is often said that there are title tag that appears in the search results, and it is, but it is not only title that appears. For some search results will appear even “fire” or business. If html-title is ” Work, work shoes and work gloves | Blaklader “this is the same title in the search results” Blaklader: Work clothes, work shoes and work gloves . ” There are at least a further variant. Html title is namely 52 characters, but Google adds “- io9 – Gizmodo” and thus displayed again 68 characters (as in the first example). In contrast, the page title will be wider, the entire 575 pixels wide. Google to add other words that are neither fire or included in the page’s HTML title, is also done for some results with this site. Then it is structured data that seems to be the reason and without any major plunge, We guess it’s the same way with the example above. Earlier, we do not know how it is now, Google could choose to display the title taken from the site appeared in the Open Directory Project (OPD) and DMOZ. There is a special tag that asks Google Boot to ignore this and instead use the html title.

Some conclusions we should draw

Some conclusions are that the HTML title is still one of the most important ranking factors that also affect the percentage of clicks on the search result. It should therefore be designed both in a way so that it ranks and in a way to communicate with the user in a good way. Given that the length of some importance as the basic rule should be to have the main keyword first, or at least in the beginning.

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