With everything new and constantly being launched and technologies being developed, there is a clear increase in the effectiveness of advertising on YouTube. 

There is a great and ever-growing interest in the medium and here you can really reach your target audience in a completely different communicative way.

Youtube Advertising

What to think about when advertising on YouTube

Even the strongest search campaigns are losing out on undecided buyers. This is mainly about the target group that turns to Google, but who does not click into the website that you can engage with Custom Intent Audiences again through advertising on YouTube.

Should you evaluate this in a short period or if you want to see if the advertising has contributed with any revenue, the answer will in most cases be no. 

What you need to do is think long term and see YouTube for what it is. A seed that spreads and which after a while you will be able to reap conversions and brand-building profits. 

Many times better than if you chose any other medium then one of the great upside of the video channel is that here you can really find your target audience using all YouTube channels. 

If you do not know which target audience to target or if the film is not very good, a better idea might be to invest that budget on an insight work in the first place. 

And then develop a well-made and customised video for both the target audience and the format on YouTube. 

What also works very effectively is that you can specifically target your video to the YouTube channels that you have identified that your target audience is watching. 

If the brand starts to appear on these specific channels, a great value will be built up very quickly for the brand.

90% say they discover new products on YouTube

If you want to reach the audience that is likely to do business with you then start with the ones who just searched for you on Google as 86% turn to Google for ideas on what product to buy.

 Then, to re-engage them, YouTube with Custom Intent Audiences is a highly effective way to drive them forward in the buying press, which you can clearly see in the image below.

Advertise on Youtube

3 unique features on YouTube

Conversion Lift Demo & Geo Splits: Conversion Lift is Google’s user-based solution for understanding the temporary value of YouTube and Display. T

he results will now include detailed segmentation by geo (country level) and demographic (age / gender). 

Brand Lift 2.0: Is a development of Google’s Brand Lift Surveys features, including a series of features such as continuous measurement, externally available installation and reporting, branding / product grouping, and new metrics.

Custom Audiences: Custom Audiences is the consolidation of standalone Custom Intent and Custom Affinity products into a single solution and workflow. 

Custom audiences offer advertisers the opportunity to go beyond Google’s default audience definitions. As illustrated below.

Youtube Audience


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