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digital presence

The importance of a digital presence

We have now left another year behind us. In connection with this, we also look forward to the digital horizon. A horizon that promises good…
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Addicted Advertising

It is dangerous to be addicted to advertising

Today, there are growing numbers of companies wholly dependent on paid advertising through digital channels. Something that is fatal to the existence of companies,…
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SEO Keywords

Keywords – An Essential Part of SEO

A keyword for us is about finding a keyword that can in any way contribute to your business goals. If you do not think…
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Youtube Advertising

YouTube advertising : 5 Quick Hacks

YouTube is Google's gold cliff that has taken the world by storm. YouTube was acquired by Google 2006 for a purchase price that amounted…
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Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising : Ultimate Guide [3 minutes]

Have you recently heard of advertising through social media? Or do you need to sharpen your knowledge on the subject? In our beginner's guide on…
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Search Marketing (SEM): Beginners Guide

Have you recently heard about search marketing (SEM)? Or do you need to sharpen your knowledge on the subject? In this guide, we share with…
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video marketing

Youtube for Business?

What is YouTube? YouTube is the world's second largest search engine and a video community that in September 2016 had over one billion…
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Display advertising

Display advertising FAQs

What is display advertising? Display advertising briefly means that you will be able to view different content-based websites - with clickable ads of…
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