5 signs that you need help with search engine optimisation

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is for many a fuzzy and incomprehensible area. At the same time, many who download a plugin to their website, change meta tags and claim to work with SEO. Therefore, in this article, I was going to share with you five characters that suggest you need professional help with search engine optimisation.

1. You think you work with SEO

As mentioned earlier, there are too many business and website owners who download a plugin to their site (usually Yoast SEO ), change meta tags and claim to work with search engine optimisation.

While it may be beneficial to optimise their meta titles and descriptions, it is a minimal part of SEO. Search engines like Google use thousands of different ranking factors before deciding which placement you get in the SERP. If you are interested in learning more about these, you can take advantage of our SEO guide , in which we have gathered hundreds of factors.

In other words, to succeed in the search engines, it is important to take a holistic approach and work with more factors than only meta tags.

2. You have suddenly lost traffic

Have you noticed that traffic to your site has suddenly decreased dramatically? Or have you perhaps discovered that you have lost placements on keywords that you have previously had a good position on?

This may be due to the fact that you have done something that is against the search engines’ guidelines and thereby has been punished. It may also be because your website is not adapted to the constantly updated algorithms and ranking factors. No matter which one is safe – you need help with search engine optimisation!

3. You stand and stomp

Do you work yourself with SEO (for real) or have you taken the help of an external party, but find that there is not much going on? That both the investments and the traffic are shining with their absence or have been the same year in and year out.

In such cases, it may be beneficial to take a fresh approach to search engine optimisation. Either by acquiring new talents that look at it all with new eyes or by changing the SEO agency .

4. You blind yourself to single keywords

The times when one can rely on single keywords to generate traffic are over. If you work with individual keywords yourself or have also been helped by a company that offers ready-made packages that include optimization for a certain number of words, I recommend you to think about it all over again.

There are many reasons why you should not blind yourself to individual keywords, but below you will find the three main ones:

  • Every third search on Google is unique. How can you generate more traffic if you only optimize your presence on a few keywords?
  • Regardless of how much analysis you do, you can never know if you manage to position yourself well on a particular word. Sometimes it does not matter how much effort is made to position themselves on a specific word, but they may not give the desired result. For this reason, you have to try it out!
  • You don’t get value for money.

5. You do not have enough time

A preconceived meaning that many people have about search engine optimization is that it is enough to make small contributions every now and then. However, this is not true. To succeed in the search engines, it is important to work continuously with your website. It is simply not enough to spend a few minutes a week or an hour from time to time.

For many business and website owners, this is a big problem. You do not have enough time to make the necessary efforts. And then it really does have to get professional help with search engine optimization.

If you are considering turning to an SEO company , you should also read our previous article ” 7 Things to Consider When Buying SEO “.


As you can see, there are many signs that you need help with search engine optimisation. If you have realised that you are in need of help, you can benefit from us at SEO Expert Melbourne. 

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