7 things to consider when buying SEO

  • August 14, 2018
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Search engine optimisation (SEO) continues to be an increasingly important marketing channel for those companies that want to improve their digital presence. As a result, there are also increasing SEO companies in the market, which sometimes makes it difficult to choose a supplier when buying SEO. In order to facilitate this, we therefore thought about sharing 7 things that you should consider before making a purchase! 

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Why is this guide needed? 

If you’ve found this guide, you’re probably looking for a partner that can help you improve your company’s presence in search engines. Perhaps you’ve done a classic search on Google and discovered how many potential partners there really are, how many different “packages” they offer and how much their price may differ.

This often creates a big confusion among the companies that want to buy SEO. At worst, it also leads to the discovery that the package you purchased did not match the expectations you had.

In order to avoid such a scenario, we therefore thought about sharing 7 things to consider before choosing a supplier. All in order for you to find the right partner, get the best chance to succeed in the search engines, and get the best possible exchange for your investment!

Tip 1 – Define & Go Out Of Your Goals

Even before you start looking for a provider that can help you with search engine optimization, start thinking about what goals you have. Why do you want to work with SEO from the very beginning? Is it because:

  • Increase sales
  • Increase the number of contact requests
  • Increase your organic traffic

By having clear and well-defined goals to assume, you create the best possible conditions for finding the right partner. It also reduces the risk of misunderstanding between the parties. 

Tip 2 – Check working methods

Basically, all agencies and SEOs have their own interpretation of what search engine optimisation really is about. If you ask 10 different people, you probably get as many answers. Depending on how you interpret this area, you also work in different ways. Therefore, when contacting an agency or consultant, you should check how they look at search engine optimisation and what practices they will use when they work with your site.

With SEO Company Melbourne, this is clear – we believe SEO is about improving our customers’ presence in search engines and thereby increasing their organic traffic. To achieve this, we have developed a well-functioning working method that generates results for our customers, which you can read more about among our case studies .

Tip 3 – Do not stare blind to single keywords

This tip could be said to go hand in hand with the above point. There are many companies out there that offer complete packages that include optimization for a certain number of words.

Personally, I think that working methods or arrangements like these are a great warning sign because one should not stare blind to single keywords. There are many reasons why this should be avoided, but the top three are:

  • Every third search on Google is unique. How can you generate more traffic if you only optimize your presence on a few keywords?
  • No matter how much analysis you do, you can never know if you are able to position yourself well in a particular word. Sometimes it does not matter how much effort is made to position itself on a specific word, but they may not produce the desired results. Because of this, it is important to try it out!
  • You do not get value for money.

Tip 4 – Transparency & Communication

Perhaps the most important thing that you should check before you decide to get help from an agency or consultant is how they look at transparency and communication. Too many companies that buy SEO experience that they do not know what efforts are being made and that communication between themselves is bad.

At SEO Expert Melbourne we therefore map all our time and all our efforts. In addition, we always communicate these efforts to the customer immediately when they are made. In addition, we also send out manual reports where we compile efforts, results and plans in the future. This makes us 100% transparent while customers know what we are doing and what results they get.

Tip 5 – Ask Customer Case studies

Something that you should also check before choosing a agency or consultant is if they can offer any customer statements, customer cases or references. It is understandable if many want to keep their customers secret or also hold secretary agreements, but a few customer statements or cases should all serious parties be able to offer.

Interested in seeing our customer case studies? Contact us

Tip 6 – Do not stare at the price

Another mistake many make when buying SEO is that they are staring blind to the price. Many want the absolute cheapest price and let this control the choice. Of course, the price should feel reasonable and be within your budget, but here’s the old good saying “you get what you pay for” pretty good. What results do you think are reasonable if you pay 2,000 kronor per month?

Having said that, it does not automatically mean that a more expensive result means better results. There are many players who take a lot of money without generating any results or added value for the customer.

To sum it up, the price should of course be a contributing factor in the choice of supplier, but do not stare at it. As long as you get a good return on your investment, I would say it’s worth it!

Do not have enough budget to hire an agency or consultant? Then you can go to our SEO course , where we learn to manage search engine optimisation on your own.

Tip 7 – Make sure it takes time

Last but not least, you should prepare yourself for taking time! Search engine optimisation is a long-term work that gives effect within usually a few months. If you want immediate effect, we recommend that you instead work with digital advertising through, for example, Google AdWords or social media , which we also have the opportunity to assist you with.

As you notice, there is a lot to think about when buying SEO. Interested in knowing more about how we work at “SEO Expert Melbourne” and can help you improve your search engine presence? Contact us

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