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Avoid cheap SEO search engine optimisation – I mean Cheap Quality

Cheap things are lovely and free is good, but always true? In this post, we review why you should avoid cheap search engine optimisation and provide you with the warning signals that you will carry with you in your back wherever you go. But we also have tips for those who want to come cheap, despite our recommendations.

Cheap SEO


PS! If you are new to the area, you can start by reading our search engine optimisation guide (SEO) .

Warning signal 1 – low fee

Is it really worthwhile to hire an agency with a low fee? If you have a small or large company, it really does not matter – if you want to get the right effect from your search engine optimisation , it takes both  time and resources . This usually results in increased costs, if you can not make parts of the moments yourself.


Tip: If you do not have a marketing budget, you can also train yourself in the form of courses. Why not go to one of our courses ? Perfect for those who want to manage parts themselves and take advantage of cheap search engine optimisation. we review 195 ranking factors that determine your position in the search engines.


Obviously, it can make easier efforts for a lesser fee, but then it’s important that you as a buyer understand what it will mean to you and your company. Before you start the Question Time with your consultant or agency, you can take care to ask yourself what is important to you.


Do you want:

  • Get the cheapest price or the best result?
  • Get good positions on search engines?
  • Get more organic traffic?
  • Get more customers?
  • Having a non-stranger supplier is not important to me


When you come back to your questions that you should ask the consultant or agency, you can use these as a good reason:

  • What efforts will be made initially and on a continuous basis?
  • How much time do you spend on my company per month?
  • What result can I expect?


After you have answered your questions, you can re-ask yourself a question. Will I really get more customers if an external consultant drops 1-2h month? Can they turn on my company and provide me with contact requests that flow in?

Warning signal 2 – excessive fee

A high fee is not cheap but they are agencies that use cheap search engine optimization to their advantage. We live in the country right away and too high a fee may mean a warning signal. We want a good fee. Nothing like sticking out. There are several reasons why you should think about an extra time if the consultant or the agency takes an excessive fee. Do not get what you pay for? Not always.


If you encounter an agency that provides a high fee, ask the following questions:

  • What efforts will be made initially and on a continuous basis?
  • How much time do you spend on my company per month?
  • What result can I expect?


Once you have received an answer to the last question – “What can I expect?” You can also make a small calculation. The fee that the consultant will charge is $ 100,000 / month. The consultant might say you’d expect you to be on top10 in 20+ keywords. What do you actually say? Here it is very difficult for you to make some kind of calculation or estimate if your investment can count towards home. If the consultant or agency instead answers: you can expect that we will increase the organic traffic by 20% in 12 months. Then it becomes immediately more interesting and concrete!


Now you can start counting and see if you can count on the investment:

Let’s say you have 400st organic visitors / mo today and you get about 4 contact requests / month from the organic traffic. If your consultant or agency increases your organic traffic after 12m by 20%, this would increase your organic traffic with 80st visitors / month. It is probable that contact requests will increase by 20%, which means that you get less than 5 contact requests / moan instead of 4 contact requests / month.


Okay. Since the result is expected after 12 months, it means you have invested 1,200,000 SEK and got 80 extra visitors and 1st more person who makes a contact request. This is not cheap.


If you are going to count on that investment, you should have a really high margin on your service or product. In addition, you must close the transaction from the additional contact request you received.


You can also use another good calculation example to check if a fee is too high or not. What would it cost to buy this traffic through Google Ads? Say that the clicks would be $ 10 / click, which means that the cost is 800 kr instead of 1,200,000 kr.


By contrast, if you get the right, the optimisation can be really successful for you and it can compete with Google Ads . Or why not work combined? We have several customers where our efforts would cost $100-$5000 / month to buy through Google Ads ( Google Adwords ), but we have taken around $ 1000 / month in fee.

Warning signal 3 – No references

It’s fun with hungry people who want to deliver results, but do not be happy with it. Especially if the price of their services is cheap. Ask for a case. Or why not several cases. Our agency is in our fourth year and we have accumulated a lot of customer cases in the meantime . Interested in seeing how we helped other companies increase their organic traffic by 729% and also increased revenue by 329%? Send an email to and we will return.


Good questions that I think a good case should contain and answer are:

  • Background of the company, have they tested any other agency earlier? Why have they chosen the agency to help them now
  • What service did the company purchase?
  • Result. What has happened after the cooperation started?
  • A statement from the customer who briefly explains the cooperation

If you’ve got an answer to the above, have a good reason to stand on and get a good idea!

Warning signal 4 – No result

Now, we’ve raised several warning signs on how to avoid cheap search engine optimisation when you start a collaboration. If you are already collaborating with an agency that will help you with search engine optimisation, the biggest warning signal of all of them is missing. It does not matter if you pay a small fee or not, cheap or expensive. If the result fails then it will be really expensive and it’s really not cheap.


Several of the companies I come into contact with are satisfied with their current partner at the initial call, but what are they really satisfied with? When I see data in Google Analytics, organic traffic has not increased during all the years they’ve had a consultant or agency for search engine optimisation. What’s the point of hiring an agency?


Interested in evaluating your current supplier? We do it in 5 minutes and you get a clear result if you have a good partner or not. Contact us call us at 0451 922 843 and we will help you.

Print the warning signals and use them. Use them both for initial cooperation or to evaluate an existing partner.


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