SEO for B2B, Part 1: Content

  • August 8, 2018
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Search engine optimisation for B2B companies differs significantly from how it works in the consumer world. It’s about volume and more about relevance. The most important thing is not how many people are searching for a particular word or phrase.

The most important thing is that the right person will find you and your site. Therefore, we usually talk about qualitative SEO in B2B. But how do you think about qualitative SEO?

33 points to prioritise in SEO for B2B

Here we’ve compiled the 33 most important items that affect your ranking at Google. We have divided them into different blog posts, and here is part 1 about Content. The ambition is not to be comprehensive. Google has over 200 key ranking signals and over 10,000 subsets from which they originate. In addition, they make more than 900 updates per year. But by following the basic principles of your SEO as we present here, you will cover up the most important ones.

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1.0 Content

The phrase “Content is King” could hardly have avoided anyone and there is a lot of truth in it. That’s why content is at the top of the list of priorities to rank high. The content is a factor that you publish on rash control. Some of the most important are the quality of your content, the use of relevant keywords and search phrases on your pages, and you have an architecture that makes it easy for both visitors and search engines to find your pages.

1.1 Quality

Are your pages well-written and filled with relevant, interesting content?

Producing qualitative content is more important than anything else. In order to keep your visitors on your pages, it is important to capture them with relevant and interesting grips. Do you offer something with real value, which is unique, different and useful as not everyone else, and above all, your competitors also offer?

1.2 Keywords

Have you investigated which keywords and search phrases people use to find your content?

A really good keyword analysis is the second most important thing to do if you want to rank high. And of course, you use the keywords and search phrases you identify and prioritize as the basis for the content you produce. Write in a language that your target groups understand and use, and avoid as much as possible internal terminology.

1.3 Words and phrases

Do you use words and phrases on the pages you want to be found on?

If you performed a really good keyword analysis, it is crucial to ensure that you are really using your keywords and search phrases on the pages. Use the words in your texts but do not exaggerate the use. Think from the visitor’s perspective. If the text is relevant to him or her, it is certainly well suited for Google too.

1.4 Currently

Are your pages updated and contain current content?

The search engines love new content. Make sure you update the content on your pages continuously, and add new pages in a structured and nuanced manner. A blog or news feed is two great ways to help keep the site alive. If you make a new optimised blog post and news posts this week, it means more than 100 optimised pages in a year.

1.5 Vertical

Do you have pictures, news, videos or other vertical content on the pages?

By supplementing your pages with so-called vertical content such as images, news, local content and video, there is a high chance that these pages will appear in search engines in other sections. Google lists both images, news and videos in parallel with the traditional pages. So make sure that you also finish with qualitatively vertical content.

1.6 Answer

Have you turned the content into straight answers in search results?

More often, the search engines aim to give their searchers direct answers to various issues by highlighting paragraphs from different pages and sites. It is still not entirely proven whether it is a successful strategy or not trying to create that type of content on its site. But it may be worth testing.

Part 2 is coming soon

This was the first part of a series of blog posts about SEO for B2B companiesNext blog post is about architecture. So keep your eyes and ears open!

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