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  • August 20, 2018
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Are you interested in learning more about SEO companies, how to choose the right agency or how to get help with SEO? In this article we will, inter alia, review how we work and what created long-term and good business relationships for us. Hang on!

What does an SEO company do?

You’ve probably heard of search engine optimisation (SEO) , but what does an SEO company really do and how do you know which agency to choose? In this chapter we will explain this and explain what has created long-term and good business relationships with us at SEO Expert Melbourne.

Depending on your business goals, SEO companies also work in different ways and use different methods. However, if you generally describe what an SEO company does, it’s improving customer presence in search engines. Many people also call it to appear on Google .

At SEO Expert Melbourne, however, we are not pleased to only improve our customers’ presence in search engines, we also want to ensure that this increases their organic traffic and generates business!

Why choose us as an SEO company?

For us, a satisfied customer is a good customer. But we also believe that if a customer is more than satisfied, our customers start to recommend us and in the long run it will become an even better customer. How do you then become a satisfied customer as a SEO company?

We look long term in our work, and for us it’s a lot about putting the right expectations. I was told a story a while ago about a seller who had a dialogue with a newly acquired customer. He joked and stressed that the customer would now have to pave a bigger parking lot outside the store.

However, all companies and websites have different prerequisites for success and there is no point in winning short business that does not add value to either the customer or the company. Setting the right expectations from the beginning is therefore a step towards long-term relationships according to us.

How do we work?

In addition to setting the right expectations from the start and setting a common goal with the SEO project, we always start with needs analysis. Then we analyze keywords in the areas where the customer wants to be seen more. We work with accuracy from the start where keyword analysis is the foundation of a successful project.

How to find the best SEO company?

Now many think it’s just Googla. Yes, yes, but we think it’s even more important to consult with the SEO company’s customers if they are satisfied or not. Getting a single keyword in a good position is not that difficult, but the keyword to generate business to the customer is another matter.

There is a known saying that is called “The Shoemaker’s children go in the worst shoes”. We often recognize ourselves in that way of speaking. With that said, we think it’s more important that our customers get a good online presence than ourselves.

Something that I also noticed in recent years is that the time of day is not really enough. Have you noticed that too? Somewhere, one should prioritize things. In order to give priority to our company, we simply choose to put our greatest focus on our customers and we believe that by the very best, we are the best prerequisite for our success.


To find the best SEO company we recommend that:

  • Make sure you fit and think the same way
  • Ask for a case where the company can show results
  • Ask business professionals for references or companies that help them

At SEO Expert Melbourne, we aim to be Sweden’s best company and we go slowly but surely towards our goal every time we create a better presence for our customers.

How to get help with SEO?

Have you decided to hire a company, but instead ask “How to get help with SEO?”. In this chapter, we therefore thought you would give a little more insight into what an SEO specialist really does about the days.


The basic work of an SEO specialist is about analysis and research. SEO is about optimising selected keywords or search terms on a search engine. Can not you just take a keyword and hope for the best?

Hux flux taking a keyword without having a thorough analysis can have devastating effects. With devastating effects, we mean that nothing is happening at all. First and foremost, the SEO Specialist needs to investigate how many searches it is on a keyword. But how are you doing?

Keyword Planner

A tool that many SEO specialists use of Google’s Keyword Planner . The process then proceeds as follows:

  1. Enter the Keyword Planner.
  2. Select “retrieve search volume data and trends”.
  3. Enter the keyword you want to analyze.

Now we have found that there are an estimated 480 searches / month. The estimated number of searches is divided into 12 months. Some months may be more searches and some months may be less searches. The tool we use for this analysis is called the keyword planner or as it’s called the English Google Keyword Tool.

Using our analysis, we see that there are about 880 searches in July, which is a peak within the search term. It may have to do with the fact that many people are looking for jobs right at this time.

The next step will be to examine how much competition is on the keyword. One first step you can do is to google on the keyword. The questions you can ask yourself are as follows:

  • Are there any competitors in the search results?
  • Are there well-known / strong brands / domains that appear?
  • Is there any company advertising with Google Adwords on the keyword?
  • Do all the specific pages about the keyword have? (see you in the url)
  • Is the keyword in the h1 title?
  • How much and good text are the pages that appear?
  • Are there any interesting related searches at the bottom of the hit list?
  • What is the spread of social media?

These are things that determine how much competition it can be on a keyword. There are also automatic tools that can be used to handle this process automatically. There are lots of tools out there and they cost around 1000kr / month.

Once the specialist has decided to focus on the keyword, the analysis begins on the website. The following questions may then be helpful:

  • Should I create a separate page?
  • Should I use an existing page?
  • What does the internal link structure look like?
  • Is the site fast?
  • Are the web pages mobile?

When the following things are checked, the SEO Specialist needs to produce contentious and good text on the subject. When creating text for a web page, consider the following:

  • The text must be completely unique. Why should search engines prioritize you in search results?
  • Nothing must be copied from someone else’s website
  • Write about “light” topics
  • Give something to the visitor (either in terms of content or anything else)
  • Feel contentful and profound information
  • Do not forget to include the keywords in a title or two (but do not use the keyword too much and do not trust too much on SEO plugins like Yoast and All in one SEO)

When the text is complete, it is time to publish the text. At the same time, the specialist sets up a tracking that analyzes competitors and positions on the keyword. The reason why competitors are added is to analyze 2-3 other sites in the same analysis. If Google updates anything, the SEO Specialist can see if the same happens on all websites. Based on that information, one can easily assess the situation.

In the next step, you usually work with link building, which involves attracting links .

This was a brief explanation of how an SEO specialist works, but now we hope you have a better understanding of how to get help with SEO.


We now hope that you have more knowledge about companies that work with search engine optimisation, how to choose the right agency, and how an SEO specialist works. Need help? Contact us >>SEO Company

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