Using Video Content Successfully

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Video content is one of the more popular methods of reaching out to customers. In fact, some studies have shown that internet users prefer video content over other methods, with video content making up the majority of internet traffic now. If you want to join the club of video content, you have to know how to use it to your advantage.
Don’t Make Video Content the Main Source
As SEO Sydney consultants recommend, video content is not intended to be the main source of information for website visitors. It can be used to complement SEO, but should not be expected to stand alone. You must include other means of providing content to your website visitors, such as blog posts and status updates on social media.
Have a Goal
What is it you want to accomplish with video content? Whether it’s simply attracting more website traffic, building on your social media presence, or getting more conversions from website visits, it’s important to have a plan in mind when you start using video content. Don’t just randomly post videos for the fun of it, as it takes away from the credibility of your website.

Make It Easy
If you use video content, make it easy for your website and your website visitors. You can use simpler video formats, such as animation and photo montages, that operate more quickly and smoothly. Certainly, you should optimize your video for loading time on your website. Videos that take too long to load are a turnoff, and visitors will leave your page to go elsewhere.
Keep the video short, in order to hold the audience’s attention. Long videos get boring quickly. You want your video to get to the point quickly. Keep the script short. For that matter, you may not even need a script, if the video demonstrates the obvious. If you do use a script, provide a transcription for website visitors. Some people prefer to read text over watching the actual video.

Use tools to syndicate your Video
Video syndication is distributing a single video across as many channels as possible. The benefits from a branding perspective are obvious and it’s mainly more online exposure and brand impression. There are SEO advantages for video syndication. Video Syndication increases the chances of the video ranking higher on Google. There are many video syndication tools that you can use for distributing your Video such as Outbrain, Syndwire, Arc, Taboola and ZergNet.

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Final Tips
Video content is best used to do one of two things: 1) provide information to the viewer, or 2) demonstrate or solve a problem. The best videos fit into one of those two categories. When adding videos into your website content, make sure to make it easy for viewers to browse through the videos and choose the one they want to see. Lastly, allow others to embed your video. Providing an easy way for people to share your video content will get it out there to more internet users. More publicity is a good thing for every business.

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