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Online marketing that increases traffic

More and more companies understand the connection between online marketing and increased traffic. The more time we spend online, the greater the reasons for investing in digital engagement. In this article we tell you why!

What is Online Marketing?

It is really all content that you create and publish online. Online marketing is what you do to create a digital presence and increase your visibility online, or attract more customers to your website. To do this, two things are really required.

On the other hand, online marketing is about digital presence and being visible online. But it is also about communicating relevant content and valuable material to both customers and target groups. 

The goal is to drive traffic to you who then act as you wish. It may, for example, be about completing a purchase, completing a form or sharing a certain content.

How do you do this?   

Working with online marketing is about investing in the company over time. It can take a while before you see clear results. However, we want to share 3 methods that will surely attract more customers to your website!

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, is about optimising your site so it gets better search engine rankings. What affects your placement is, among other things, how your website is structured, what content you have filled it with and the amount of external links on credible pages. 

The better placement you have in the search engine, the greater the opportunities you have to drive traffic to your website!

SEM – Search Marketing, SEM, is about purchased advertising in different search engines. This is something that is often associated with the Google Adwords tool that manages the ads. 

Briefly described, SEM deals with the fact that you buy an advertising space for your company, your product or your service. Depending on your budget, the higher up in the advertising field you can rank.

Social media – We are becoming increasingly active in the use of our social media. It generates increasing marketing opportunities for you to reach the right target group. 

More and more companies are therefore beginning to realize the benefits of digital presence. Our best tip is to optimize your networks by the target audience.

So you succeed

Just as with traditional marketing, you need to work strategically and thoughtfully to achieve success. We therefore want to give 3 final tips that help to optimize your online marketing.

Different channels have different behaviours – Keep in mind that we do not use all channels in the same way. This means that all content must be adapted to the chosen channel. 

Start by studying your target group so that you understand how they engage in the different networks. From there you then create the content. There are today plenty of digital networks where you can be seen. 

A good tip is to start studying how your target audience uses the most popular in Sweden – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google. Most likely, one of these fits your business.

Don’t forget the mail! – Marketing via the mail is not only cost effective, it can also help you to drive more traffic to the website. The goal of the mail is that they should attract the user to act. 

By sharing with you interesting and relevant information, offers and in a personal way creating a relationship with the customer, you avoid the mail being transferred to the spam mail.

Long-term investment – Just as we have mentioned earlier, online marketing deals with results that continue to show up in the long term. No good investments will yield returns from the first moment! 

Sometimes it is difficult to know which approaches are the best – especially when it can take time before the result appears. But if you follow these advice you will succeed.


There you have it – how online marketing drives more traffic to your site! The important thing now is to continue the marketing work continuously so that it will yield long-term results.


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