Have you noticed ads when you visit certain websites, read the news or also play your favorite game on your mobile? All of these ads are part of something called display advertising, so let’s talk more about it! 

Google Display advertising

What is display advertising? 

Before we deepen on the subject, we thought to start by finding out the most basic – namely what display advertising really is!

To best describe display ads, it’s a collective name for all the digital ads that appear along with other content on websites, but also in mobile applications.

The reason why display adverts are a collective name is because there are a variety of types of ad formats like:

  • Image ads
  • Responsive ads
  • video ads

Image ads 

Image ads, or banners that they can also be called, are just as it sounds an ad in image format. A banner often occurs at the top of a webpage, but it may also appear on the page or further down the web page.

Perhaps you recognize that it usually pops up ads like these when you visit different sites?

Responsive ads 

Same as the above, with the difference that they match the look of the publisher’s website. The procedure is thus partly automated.

video ads

Moving ads can also be called video ads, usually played at the beginning of a video.


How does display ads work? 

The easiest way to get started with this type of advertising is to use Google Adwords and their display network . This network reaches over 90% of the world’s internet users and allows you to display ads on over 2 million different websites.

The benefits of advertising in this network are many, but above all, it is tailored to make it easy for you to reach the right audience with your message. With the help of a variety of targeting options, you can easily show your ads to people who visit specific sites or meet certain criteria.

For example, you can use audiences to locate new customers interested in what you have to offer them, as well as remarketing lists to show your message to those who have already visited your site before.

There are also some automatic targeting methods that help you increase conversions based on how profitable different audiences are seen from your individual goals. Keep in mind, however, that the algorithms need some time before they start to generate the best possible results.


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