6 MOST Common Mistakes in SEO search engine optimisation

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This is an old video published by Google. In the video, does Google’s expert Matt Cutts answer the question about what the 5 most common mistakes in search engine optimisation are?

The question is still so current that I want to highlight the video. You should avoid these common mistakes in search engine optimisation and instead listen to the good examples Matt Cutts provides about search engine optimisation.

Common SEO Mistakes

6 mistakes in search optimisation

1. No own domain

There are persistent companies and blogs that do not have their own domain. Having your own domain means that your site’s URL is made up of www.ettnamnduval.se.

If you have a lot of Google visitors, it does not seem to have your blog in night city or any other blog portal. You should instead get a domain and a hosting company. The cost is just a few hundredfold a year – an investment that pays off many times.


2. Do not have easy and good navigation

Having a bad menu system is a big mistake in search engine optimization. Click around in your menu system and make sure you can reach all pages. Do you have any pages that can not be found via the menu system so change it immediately!

With a clear menu system, it becomes easier for Google to index all of your pages and it means more Google visitors.

3. Do not include the correct words on your page

Imagine yourself in the wearer’s clothes. What keywords would you search for if you were interested in what you wrote about on your page? Make sure to include the words or sentences on your page.

For this article, people may be looking for common mistakes in search engine optimisation or what should be considered in search engine optimisation ? Thus I should include the phrases on this page.

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3. Do not include information in text format

Matt draws the example of a restaurant’s website. Have the entire menu on the website and make sure it is in text format. If the menu is in PDF format, Google can not index the content and the restaurant’s website will lose visitors.

4. Believe that you will build links yourself

A common mistake in search engine optimisation is to think that you should create links to your page. It’s completely wrong! Instead, make sure to fill up their website with interesting content and then think about how to market the content.

Can you send out press releases to newspapers and online magazines? Do you have any smart idea about guild marketing that you can do in social media? Imagine, rather than planting your own links. It will make you successful and provide links to your site.

Here the Guide to Perfect link building >>


5. Do not have unique title and description

Another common mistake in search engine optimisation is that the individual page’s title and description are not properly filled in. Try adding some of your individual pages as a bookmark. When you browse your bookmarks, are your individual pages clearly described? Can you distinguish what each page contains only from the title? A common mistake is that not every page has a unique title. You should definitely make sure that your search optimisation is successful


You should have a good description of each individual page, the so-called meta description. Normally, the meta description is 156 characters long. The meta description can either be specified separately, or Google will use the first 156 characters in your text instead. Thus, the introduction of a text is important. Keep in mind that the introduction should describe the content in an interesting way and include words and phrases you think people are searching for.

6. Does not use the tools Google provides

Google provides a range of tools that you should use in the search engine optimisation of your website. The most important are Google Webmaster Tools. I also advise you to use  Google Analytics and Google Adwords. The latter has an enabler planner, which shows how many searches are made on different keywords and search phrases. It gives a good idea of what words and phrases you should include on your site to get many visitors.



Good luck and make sure to avoid these common mistakes in search engine optimisation.

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