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Category Archives: Google Updates

Google algorithms

Google Algorithms : Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird

Just as for all people in life when questions arise, these must be resolved and understood. As for Google's search engine, it must…
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Google Search Quality update

Google Search Quality Update

Just a few days ago , Google confirmed that they implemented a new, great update in their "main algorithm". But what updates are you doing and…
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Google Speed update

Google Speed ​​Update – Now launched on a wide front

Recently, we were told that Google renamed AdWords and launched new campaign types . But, it is not what is currently the case…
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Google Ads updates

Google renames AdWords & launches new campaign types

It's been 18 years since Google launched AdWords with the goal of making it easier for people to market their businesses online. Much…
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Google Mobile First index

Google switches to mobile first index

Google announced yesterday that you have now begun migrating websites to their mobile first index. But what's actually this and what does it mean…
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Google SERP Update

Google changes among search results

It's a big deal when Google makes changes or updates that affect search results. Lastly, it was the extended meta descriptions that received much…
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