Google Algorithms : Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird

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Just as for all people in life when questions arise, these must be resolved and understood. As for Google’s search engine, it must also understand all queries that are made in the form of searches millions of times each day. For this, algorithms has created and it is the ones that make the search engine understand what you are looking for. Also sets the rules for everything that concerns SEO (search engine optimisation).
In terms of modern search engine optimisation and SEM (search engine marketing), it is important to keep an eye on Google, which is the reigning search engine, and its algorithms. Today, the algorithms are much more advanced and contain formulas and computer processes that read more than 200 different signals, resulting in a search getting a response. In order not to be punished by the search engine or having a negative development of your SEO, it’s good to have a hum about this.
Google algorithms

What are Google Algorithms?

  • Google is the leading search engine on the Internet that ensures that all the searches that are done daily, as well as the one that sets the rules for how SEO and SEM are to be performed to deliver the most effective results
  • Algorithms make it the foundation for Google to understand search optimally and also those that contain all the rules that must be followed in professional and effective search engine optimization
The algorithms in Google that control effective SEO
Today, there are three very important algorithms in Google that everyone in the SEO industry, as well as all those who want search engine optimization on their own must keep up to date with and know about. This is about Hummingbird, which is now the name of the basic core algorithm in the search engine Google. After this it is Panda and Penguin. As you quickly notice, all the algorithms have been given a pet name, which is actually very good and makes you easier to remember them. Perhaps they are even more fun that way.

Google’s three Important algorithms

  • Panda The Goolge algorithm that controls anyone who has the rules of On-Page SEO to do. With On-Page SEO, it means that you do the internet on your website regarding content in terms of relevance, quality and unique information.
  • Penguin This is an algorithm that controls the parts of SEO that deal with Off-Page SEO. In the Off-Page SEO area, external work is considered to achieve high performance in search results such as link building , satelite pages , article and text marketing, and social media.
  • Hummingbird This is today the name of the updated and basic core of Google. The Algorithm Hummingbird is the one that controls the searches performed online and understands what is meant by these, which allows Google to place your page in a particular location in search results.

Panda – All Touching On-Page SEO and the rules for this

Panda was the first of the three mentioned to be named by a pleasant and cozy animal. Now, however, the Panda is not so cozy at all, but contains rules to keep a good quality in search results regarding the top rankings that everyone wants to achieve with their search engine optimisation. This is about the content (content) you have on your website and that it is well written and grammatically correct.
Google panda survival tips
Panda will also touch anything that has to do with tags and the code used for the website. In that case, it’s most important that meta tags, titles, headings and text have a clear connection with the keywords you want to search in. Google has been optimized optimally. The rules that apply are that you must have relevant, qualitative and unique content. Pages published online and not meeting these requirements will be ranked lower in search results. The punishment of the algotime is also usually the entire site (sitewide), which states that it is important to be constant about quality.

The most important thing about Google Panda

  • Writing content: A website must have well-written and relevant content that does not consist of duplicate content from other pages, contains too few words, nor does it have grammatical errors.
  • Here are the results: Here are the rules for how your content is perceived and managed by the search engine, which then passes on to the basic hummingbird algorithm, which in part on this information bases the location you get in search results on your selected keywords.
  • Automatic Control: Previously, the Panda In Google algorithm was something called a periodic update, which meant that it was manually handled. Since 2016, the algorithm is part of the core of Google and automatically checks the quality and relevance of the content of the websites

Penguin – Algorithm that controls Link Building and Off-Page SEO

The penguin is the one who controls all aspects of the power to be added or removed from your website regarding placements in search results, based on all of the various external operations you do in SEO and SEM that will affect your site in search engine SERP (search results). What goes on Off-Page SEO will be Link Building, which will also be entirely and exclusively what the Penguin’s algorithm focuses on.
Google penguin update
In SEO today, link building is something that has become popular as it adds a page linkage and can contribute to higher rankings in search results. In order to do this without any risk that imposes any punishment, you will need to think about your anchor texts and the quality of the links you build to your main page online. Before the Penguin came, link building went a lot about getting lots of links regardless of quality and thus getting higher online placements. Instead, it is about quality before quantity, which means that there is a better quality and equal competition for everyone on the Internet.

This is Google Penguin

  • Anchor Texts: Today, you can not over- optimize your anchor text with keywords that add your links to unnatural power. A large number of links with keywords in the texts today provide a penalty from Penguin. Overoptimized anchor texts are today the most dangerous strategy in link building
  • Link Quality: Penguin is aware of your link quality. Keep in mind that it’s better to have a powerful link to your website instead of 100 weak links. Your links must also be from relevant pages regarding your own content on the website for optimal results. Too many weak and irrelevant links give a penalty from Penguin
  • Hurry slowly: In the case of link building performed according to all rules contained in Penguin for this, it will also be important not to create too many links in a short period of time. Here’s a feature that feels that you too quickly build unnaturally many links, which can lead to a negative result of your SEO operations.

Hummingbird – The last name of Google’s core algorithm

Hummingbird and the change of this, which is Google’s core algorithm, has probably been what impacted searches and how the results appear in the search engine most. Nevertheless, this update occurred very quickly, and did not receive the same reactions from anyone who works with SEO as Panda and Penguin received. The update of Hummingbird changed the way Google looks at search results and how the different websites are understood. It also changed how different searches are perceived. Here, it added a feature that makes it easier to perform local SEO and how Google perceives these local searches.
Google Hummingbird infographic

Three facts about Hummingbird

  • The smart algorithm: Hummingbird is an algorithm that contains what is now called AI (Artificial Intelligence), replacing the many and long strings that used to slow down the search engine understood different searches in a particular way
  • Better Local SEO: Through the update of Hummingbird, Google has learned to better understand local searches. With this, it has created opportunities to perform local SEO with higher quality and more powerful results
  • Algorithms in collaboration: Hummingbird receives information from Panda and Penguin, and this value your website to give it its weight and ranking in search results.

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